Blairs Sudden Death Sauce with Ginseng

by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on May 21, 2012 · 2 comments

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Blairs Sudden Death Sauce with Ginseng

Blairs Sudden Death Sauce with Ginseng

Well here it is guys, my chance to get a video done for a review on a Blair’s product. Have tried lots of Blairs products in the past so I’m pretty sure I know to expect, a big burn!! The sauce I’m reviewing today is ‘Blairs Sudden Death’. Not noted as being his hottest sauce but looking at his site its looks to be up there. I have today with me Clare from and the usual numpty Forkhandle.

Straight away we love the packaging. Coffin shaped shaped box with a skull keyring attached to the bottle inside. Pretty good glossy label to which is consistent with his sauce range with a posing fiery looking skull. Of course it would not be blairs without a few of his usual witty warnings like ‘use only a microdrop at a time’. Pah, warnings are there to be ignored for the better hey? Mind you my parents ignored the warnings of contraception and ended up with me so maybe warnings should be listened to hehe.

Sauce itself looks evil dark red with the odd seed and chilli remnant and an aroma that matches its appearance. I immediately get a smell of heat with a mix of Habanero and Cayenne while Forkhandle straight away picks up the extract. Straight away the alarm bells ring and Forkhanle’s face drops when I tell him to use it a drop at a time, not a spoonful but hey ho. Only live once.

Ingredients: Habanero peppers, Cayenne peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Honey, Natural flavour, Corn starch, Garlic, Lime juice concentrate. Ascorbic acid, Ginseng and Spices.

Bottle kindly provided by Hot-Headz

Not a fancy list of ingredients but some killers in there none the less, especially a dollop of ‘Flavour’. Lets cut the chit chat and get tasting.

Swirling it round the mouth is fine, bit metallicy and bitter from the extract as backing up what Forkhandle said about the vinegar smell. The burn is pretty intense. It is definitely not one of his hottest but it sure does pack a punch. Tears and hiccups flowing nicely. Clare is manning it up a treat while Forkhandle has a near death experience I think. Habanero and Cayenne taste pulling through but for me, I’m afraid its all a bit too metallic. Great for a kick as an additive to your fish and meat dishes for example, but not on its own as a dipping sauce ect. I think this will be a sauce you either love or hate in a marmite style relationship. But as I say if you want a blast of heat, then you have it here in a bottle.

To get your hands on one of these go to . £6.95 a bottle seems a bit up there in the financial stakes but with this heat it should see you nicely into the next century if used as advised with a drop at a time.

So until next time guys, from Scooby, Clare and Forkhandle, ‘If it burns going in, it will burn coming out.’


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avatar Bart J. Meijer May 21, 2012 at 10:27 am

HI Chillifoundry,

Shouldn’t it be Ginseng?

Cheers Bart


avatar Hot Juan May 21, 2012 at 10:32 am

Opps. Yes, we should get an editor who can spell.. sorry


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