Davevoid’s “Chuck Norris Strength” Hot Sauce Recipe

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Davevoid's Chuck Norris Strength Sauce

Davevoid's Chuck Norris Strength Sauce

Dave Hadley (Twitter @davevoid) sent us 1/2 a bottle of his home made  Chuck Norris Strength Chilli Sauce for our comments.

On open the bottle the sauce has a pleasant fruity smell with a big gulp of  malt vinegar. The first taste is almost instant heat as it hits my tongue. As the burn subsides I find a some fruitiness from the bonnets with a savoury acidity/saltiness, the concoction has thickened nicely. and the mustard flour and the turmeric have given the sauce a nice dark yellow colour.

I think I would have gone with a cider vinegar as the sauce has bit of a vinegar acidity to it, but that takes some effort to discover and is more of a smell that a taste, this is a very hot sauce.

Dave has done a great job on creating this sauce, it has lots of flavour from the bonnets, ideal for peppering up a Chilli con carne or to use in one of my favourite ways splashed on some chips (French Fries), hopefully this will have given you some plans for all the chilli plants you have growing in your greenhouse or on that windowsill.

You almost cannot go wrong with a vinegar and salt based sauce recipe, Tabasco has become one of the worlds largest hot sauce manufacturers just keeping to that simple recipe.

LATEST NEWS: This sauce maybe turing into a business opportunity for Dave, we will keep you posted on his progress.

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