The White Habanero Variety & Sauce from The Wiltshire Chilli Farm

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White Habanero Sauce

White Habanero Sauce

This White Habanero Sauces is the first of four special sauces from the Wiltshire Chilli Farm that they are calling the festival range, the numbers are very limited and as you might guess they are only brings them to Chilli Festivals, they first appeared last week at the Eastnor Castle Chilli Festival and where a complete sell out.

The White Habanero also know as the Peruvian White Habanero and Jamie at the Wiltshire Chilli Farm tells us it was tough chilli to grow, germination rates where poor and many of the the seedlings curled up on themselves. In the end they grew the 15 best seedlings on and even these did not grow to more that 30cm/1 foot tall producing a squat bushy plant. The plants produced an huge crop of pods with two distinct pods styles one type round lantern shaped the other elongated like a bullet.

The pods start a pale green and then ripen through to a light yellow they stay this colour for a long time, eventually turning to an ivory white.

In terms of heat, Jamie compairs them to the Chocolate Habanero, but they lacked the expected Habanero flavour.

It is unlikely that they will grow this chilli on a commercial basis as it was hard to grow and harvest, so this could be one of your few chances to try a sauce made with this chilli, so what is the sauce like…

The smell is definitely that fruity Habanero smell, but the flavour was not what I expected, Jamie told me the pear content was approx 2%, bit on the initial taste that was the first flavour before the heat kicked in, I fined when tasting sauces that I need to get acclimatised to heat and the first taste is not always indicative of the full flavour.

After a few more tastes, I am still getting the pear and a little sticky sweetness from the grapes, non of which are strong flavours, the biggest flavour for me is a hint of vanilla with a touch lime, the heat is hits hard for such a soft looking sauce.

Ingredients: White Habanero (23%), Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Pear, Grape Juice, Black Pepper.

Bottle kindly supplied by The Wiltshire Chilli Farm

For such small production runs Jamie does an amazing job with his labels, this is not high art labels, but the products are well packaged and have a unique style, this is defiantly a collectors sauce, Jamie will reserve you a bottle if you let him know which chilli festival he will see you at, but my advice is get one while you can, we will be review the other 3 of the Festival sauces in the next month or so, and a truly unique bunch they are.

The White Habanero Pods

The White Habanero Pods



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