Fat Man Chilli Company – Salsa Numero Uno

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Fat Man Chilli Salsa Numero Uno

Fat Man Chilli Salsa Numero Uno

From the village of Maple Cross in Hertfordshire comes ‘Salsa Numero Uno’ one of the hotter sauces produced by the Fat Man Chilli Company. This sauce makes use of the Orange Habanero, one of the most commonly grown variety of Habanero – not surprising really given it’s probably one of the most prolific for yielding fruits.
The sauce is a rich butter nut squash orange colour in appearance and looking at the bottle I can see that there is some texture to the sauce, in line with it’s salsa name. Opening the bottle and smelling the sauce, I can detect the wine vinegar and tones of tomato combined with the fresh fruity scent of the Habaneros. There’s a hint of sweetness in the background too.

Ingredients: Fresh Chilli (Habanero), Wine Vinegar, Mustard, Tomatoes, Spices, Palm Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Bajian Rum.

The sauce pours readily from the bottle onto my tasting spoon and looking at it more closely I can clearly see the seeds, chilli flesh and pieces of garlic that give it a fine salsa like texture. Trying the sauce I initially taste the fruity flavour of the habanero with a mustard and tomato tang. Whilst tomatoes can sometimes be overly dominant when used as a base in sauce, their flavour in this sauce I find is moderated by the mustard. A satisfying heat builds at the front of my mouth from the Habaneros and I can detect the rum in the aftertaste left in my mouth.

The Fat Man Chilli heat rating for this is an 8 but, given the heat of other products reviewed on the ChileFoundry, I would rate this as a 5½. It may not be as hot as some other Habanero based sauces that I’ve encountered but it’s still a good all round sauce that could be used to liven up any dish, and at only £3 for a 5oz /150ml bottle this is a bit of a bargain.

Available from the Fat Man Chilli website


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