Scooby Tries The Bit Spicy – 3 Chilli Phall Challenge Kit

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Bit Spicy 3 Chilli Phall

Bit Spicy 3 Chilli Phall

To many a Vindaloo is number one. To the more elite, it’s a Phall. But what if this is still not hot enough??? How about a 1 Chilli Phall? Or maybe a 2 Chili Phall? Well for some god forsaken reason the team at decided to make a 3 Chilli Phall and make it a challenge. Well lets be honest none of us would be able to handle one of these every day of the week unless we had shares in Andrex. Hot Juan sent me this to try after I stupidly tried a extreme heat curry quite recently. So now he has given me an 11/10 heat level to try. Coming in a white envelope style packet with red writing on making this look calm and not hot in the slightest. It’s the second you open it and you get an awesome knock back of heat aroma pouring out of it. So to kick this off lets get into the kitchen.

To make the curry there are two main steps. The first being their secret sauce.

Ingredients: Onions, Garlic, Ginger, Water.

Nice and simple. Follow the basic instructions and within minutes you will have your secret sauce ready for the base of you curry. Once this is prepared to the given amounts you then take 300ml to come to the final step. The following and final step is again straight forward and is all noted in the pack. Heat up some oil, add the first pack of spices, add your meat or other filler to it, then add the second pack.

Now here is a very important tip for you all. When you add these spices, do so with your window open and if possible put a blooming mask on. The chilli and spices in these really do pack some vapour the second they hit the pan. It left me and some mates breathless and sneezing. It really is extremely evil. Give it a few minutes and this passes and you are left with a more fragrant curry dish ready to serve.

Here comes the tasting. This is extremely hot for a curry. Way way hotter than what I usually go for. Still good flavour which I was not expecting. I find the hotter some things are they have a trade off for flavour but this has escaped that. Even after the first mouthful my mouth and throat are on fire. Nose is running. And the heat is just increasing. I put in a second spoonful and for a brief few moments I get relief, or at least it feels like then. But yet again the heat swamps my mouth again and the heat intensifies. Mouthful after mouthful it gets hotter and hotter. What starts off as a good pace for eating this suddenly goes to a crawl. Man am I struggling. The sweat is pouring off me and my stomach is in agony, burbling away. After  nearly 45 minutes of pure struggling I manage to get through this curry but find myself sitting with my head in my hands for another hour. Awesome curry taste but the heat has nearly killed me. I feel so rough.

Right, some time has passed now and the endorphins are kicking nicely. On a high but at the same time my stomach hurts and mouth is still on fire. I recommend this curry to anyway who thinks they can handle the heat. It truly is a challenge. And a challenge that I will not be getting involved in again. I just want to sleep now I feel exhausted and hot. Sweating like mad. I am over the moon in saying I beat it. But not without a fight.

To get your hands on this and see if you can handle the heat of the extreme 3 chilli phall, pop over to and order on of these. Costing £15 which serves 4-6 people is pretty good for what you are getting. You could organise a mass chilli challenge with a group of mates if you dare. For the money you get the evil curry mix, an extra large T-shirt saying ‘I survived the 3 Chilli Phall Challenge’ and a certificate. Not sure why large only, bit rude for my medium frame 😛

Lets see you chillheads go head to head with this.

Until next time guys, if it burns going in, it will burn coming out.

(8/10) Inc. T-Shirt

Editors note: Sorry about the products image, slight camera problems, not picked up until after product has been used.

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