Sunday Snack Time with Snyder’s of Hanover – Jalapeño Pretzel Pieces

by Hot Juan on May 6, 2012 · 1 comment

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Snyder's of Hanover - Jalapeno Pretzel Pieces

Snyder's of Hanover - Jalapeno Pretzel Pieces

Now Pretzels come in two main types its seems soft and hard, they can be savoury or sweet, but they tend to be quite large  and always yummie. In this case they are of the hard variety and also not in that usual loop shape, but a more snack sized pieces.

In the UK it seems we use terms like Jalapeño and Scotch Bonnet to signify that a snack product is spicy, it does not have to actually contain any of the named chilli, just be what the manufacturer thinks they taste like, luckly for me these pretzel pieces aren’t make in the UK, but come from the USA via way of our old friends Scorchio.

The manufacture Snyder’s of Hanover have been making Pretzel for a few years now ( Started in 1909) and they must have got it right to be still going today.

Now these actually taste of Jalapeño, and not just mildly they actually really taste pretty warm, nothing here going to burn, but it is just great to find a product that does what it says on the packet.

Ingredients: Unbleached wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, dextrose, jalapeno peppers, maltodextrin, modified starches, flavour enhancer, corn starch, onion powder, torula yeast, garlic powder, color e160c, vinegar powder, yeast, parsley, flavourings, flavour enhancer E631, E627, raising agent E500.

Kindly support by Scorchio

The Pretzel pieces are exactly what I found in the pack, this is not some extruded corn snack, but there is real assortment of pieces in this pack from small nibbles to bits the size of a finger, the only common thing is they all taste good.

Now a snack like this is not going to be diet food, this packet contains 650Kcal and over 30g of fat, so this packet may have blown the diet for today (and tomorrow, luckily I saved Darth from this),

At £1.49 for a 125g bag they are great value when you consider the route they have taken to get to me, I think we need a few UK manufactures to taste these and get the idea of what a good snack product should taste like. You can order on-line at


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avatar Gary Preston February 6, 2014 at 7:30 pm

Snyder’s of Hanover – Jalapeño Pretzel

It has only been about four weeks or so since Snyder’s Jalapeño entered my life.But what a difference they have made already.
Yes,snacks do still exist that can thrill,excite and goodness,make you crave for just one more pack.

It all began so innocently enough.Myself,Peter,John and the expert businessman young Alex were looking for a quite venue to chill after watching John & Alex thrust themselves expertly around the squash court.
Don’t ask why,or how,but somehow our little group found itself deep in the bosom of a Bowling Club in Lancashire,not a million miles from Tarlton
Without membership,and anyone to sign us in, we suggested they give us a guided tour on the proviso that we may become annual members.

Tour of whole club duly completed two minutes later,we inquired about ordering some drinks-the actual real reason for our visit!
Potential members obviously carry some cache,as we were served politely without complaint.

As an afterthought,I ordered some cheesy puffs and a pack of Snyders from our wonderful,but incomprehensible bar maid.

We sat down,and in true Last of The Summer Wine mode,we opened the snacks for all to share and started to chat.

We tried a Snyder.Then another.Then another.We bought another pack.We consumed that.We sent young businesman Alex to the bar for another two bags.We ate them…….We totally ignored the cheesy puffs.

Nobody said anything,but on the way out we knew everything had changed.We had found our snack of choice.But we wanted more.Were could we get more Snyders closer to home?

It was John who had the breakthrough.He sent me an email of himself clutching a whole card display of Snyders an exclusive Banks Gentleman’s Club.

We all breathed a huge collective sigh of relief.We could carry on getting our fix.
Why haven’t we heard of Snyders before? Are they German? American?
Are they advertised in this country? If not,why not?

We feel happy that we are in the know about Snyders,and weave cryptic references to them in our day to day life and emails to each other.

But if our group is anything to go by, the fans of Snyders must be increasing exponentially purely through word of mouth alone.

I do not have access to the UK sales figures,but I can guess that they must be going through the roof

And guess what? We have discovered that there is a whole flavour range of Snyders out there that we have never even tasted! Happy days are here again!

Has it changed us? Well yes,I would say Snyders have made our lives more fulfilling,complete and satisfied.

John for instance,has elevated himself to much greater heights within the printing industry by using Snyders as an ice breaker when dealing with many of his blue chip clients.

Peter has certainly risen higher in the ranks at Tesco were he currently heads an important free pebble dashing/deliveries dept.

Even young entrepreneur Alex has seen his daily confectionery placements soar greatly due to the positive Snyder affect.

And myself? Yes,I have to admit,doors have opened,walls have come down and bridges formed all due to the positive effects of Snyders Jalapeño.

Not sure? Don’t quite believe us? That’s fine.More bags available for us!!


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