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Chipotles are a probably one of the those unique flavours that once you have tried it, you cannot imagine life without it. OK I may be overstating the case, but I do love Chipotles, on their own they can taste a little overpoweringly smoky, so when this arrived I did wonder if it was just puréed chipotles or a paste made with them.

Trees Can't Dance - Chipotle Paste

Trees Can't Dance - Chipotle Paste

Popping the lid of this jar there is an immediately wonderful smell of those lovely Chipotles and Tomatoes, a quick read of the ingredients and it is surprising that this only contains 7% chipotle flakes, which does not sound a lot, but chipotles are dried and then smoked losing 90% of their weight as the water evaporates.

This paste is nice and thick and would make the base of a good dip if mixed with Mayo, there is none of the acrid flavour you can get with some smoked products, while it is still got a powerful smoky punch to it, with the tomato much less present that the initial smell.

Ingredients: Water, Dried Chipotle Flakes (7%) Tomato Puree, Onion Powder, White Wine Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt.

Jar kindly provided by Trees Can’t Dance.

This paste reminds me of a lot of Chipotles in Adobo Sauce but without the spices and sugar. It is hard to fault this paste, it scores very highly for flavour, the packaging in clean and easy to read and at only £1.75 for a 120g jar, this is excellent value for money.

I have lots of ideas how I might use this after I have made a simple Mayo dip, how about adding a teaspoon of two with some mince when making some burgers, and adding a few bits of Stilton cheese in the mix to melt as the burgers are cooked.

Just adding a teaspoon or two into a chilli would also work very well, now I believe this paste is available in a number of supermarkets as well as on-line at Trees Can’t Dance website.


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