Scooby visit to Dartmoor Chilli Farm

by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on April 25, 2012 · 0 comments

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Around the Dartmoor Chilli Farm

Around the Dartmoor Chilli Farm

Well I hope you are all very sympathetic towards me. 6 hours in the car with whining, screaming, ‘are we nearly there yet?’ and ‘I need a wee’. And that was just the wife, you should have heard the kids.We finally arrived at Bideford to see the relatives when I finally persuaded my better half (sitting beside me right now) to go and see Phil and Kay at Dartmoor Chilli Farm. So straight away I rang Phil and arranged a trip. And once again back in the car for another 2 hours of driving and soaking up the views of Dartmoor National Park. We finally arrive to a winding road (Most of them were winding to be honest) that led us to a collection of wooden units and polytunnels and a large area surrounded by all aspects of nature.

After a brief chat with Phil we went on a tour of the farm itself and I now realise that I never fully appreciated the products they have to offer. This farm is amazing. The whole structure and setup is one that should be followed by all. I mean just think of the running costs for a chilli farm with electricity, water, general heating ect. O wait a minute, not this farm. Phil and Kay have worked extremely hard. Solar power units running the whole of the site, no mains water supply, large wooden cabin house which I fell in love with. Everything that goes into their sauces and products is home grown from strawberries to chillis and they have also planted many apple trees so watch out for more products in time when they start to fruit in the next year or so. The whole atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful which I cannot understand as this must have an extremely demanding role for both these guys. 4000 plants growing this year with a large poly tunnel getting all of these bad boys up to strength before moving out to there many other tunnels to progress the crops. Then there is the preperation of the other plants, fruit and vegetables they use. Masses of work involved.

Smoking Chillies

Smoking Chillies

Whilst walking around I found my nostrils flaring as I came across a familiar smell, Chipotle chillis cooking away in the kitchen where Kay was gleeming whilst filling jars of chutneys and sauces and again I was surprised how small each batch was. Talk about making it all fresh and great detail to each batch. And how do you think these guys smoke the chillis? Massive industrial expensive smoker? Send away to be smoked? Not with these two behind the wheel, no waste here as Phil has drilled holes in a fridge and this is the smoker. This is awesome. Why doesn’t everyone do this??

When it came to leaving Phil presented me with a selection of goodies ranging from hot strawberry jam which is gorgeous to say the least, as well as a new .sauce which he shall reveal shortly. All I can say is that it is not mild, it tastes yum yum yum and is what I can only describe as ‘dynamite’

Go check this duo out at and see what tickles your fancy. This was not what I was expecting as I thought I would walk in to a mass produced factory or something like that, not a self sufficient running farm with only 2 people. Crazy, but successful. I wish them both the best for the future in all that they do. Extremely hard working and I cannot speak highly enough of what they have and are aiming to achieve. My hat goes off to you. Start to finished product, AMAZING!!

So with that my chilliheads remember, If it burns going in, It will burn coming out.

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