What is Mulligatawny Soup?

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The Cook’s Oracle by Dr. William Kitchiner

The Cook’s Oracle by Dr. William Kitchiner

Mulligatawny Soup (Milagu tanni, Malaga Tawney) is a rich soup made with chillies, the word Mulligatawny seems to be an anglicized version of the Tamil words for Pepper Water or Pepper Broth, it became popular  with the British in India during the 18th century.

The soup has probably changed beyond all recognition as ingredients have been substituted over the years,  today it seems to be a curry soup made with chicken,  apples, curry powder and cream, but you only have to search google to find that almost any hot curry soup is now called Mulligatawny?

This is the oldest recipe I have found so far, it dates back to a book called ” The Cook’s Oracle” by Dr. William Kitchiner which was published in 1817.

Malaga Tawney Soup. (No. 249.)

Take two quarts of water, and boil a nice fowl or chicken, then put in the following ingredients, a large white onion, a large chilly*, two teaspoons ful of ginger pounded, the same of curry stuff, one teaspoonful of turmeric, and half a teaspoonful of black pepper : boil all these for half an hour, and then fry some small onions, and put them in. Season it with salt, and serve it up in a tureen.

You can download a a full copy of this book at http://archive.org

Our question is, does anyone have a family recipe they would like to share?

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