Rico Picante – Amazonia Chilli Sauce

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Rico Picante Amazonia Chilli Sauce

Rico Picante Amazonia Chilli Sauce

I don’t think you can find a more  Peruvian Chilli than the Aji Amarillo (Aji is Spanish for Chilli and Amarillo  mean yellow) this chilli has been named as one of the  most important ingredients in Peruvian cooking. It is bright yellow turning orange as it matures with thick flesh and a medium to hot heat and a very fruity but mellow flavour. Now this sauce is full of them in fact it is 75% chillies with the other 25% being made up of the  Rocoto which is one of the oldest domesticated chillies.

This sauce is a vivid yellow colour probably from the combination of the Aji Amarillo’s and some Mustard seed, I must admit since it arrived hear at ChileFoundry HQ, I have been dying to try it.

The smell on opening the bottle reminds me of summer visits to the ploy tunnels at some of the chilli farms we get to visit, it is warm, fruity and fresh. There is a little mustard in the flavour, but only for a few moments, then the Aji Amarillo’s and the Rocoto’s cut in with a nice zip of heat. It is hard to describe the flavour at this point, not because of the heat, but as this is not like any sauce I can compare it to, I am getting a dry heat at the back of my mouth with the mustard, while the tip of my tongue is tingling like I have just eaten a fresh chilli.

Ingredients: Aji Amarillo (50%),  Rocoto Pepper (25%), Vinegar, Vegetable Oil, Water, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Mustard Seed, Cumin, Black Pepper and Citric Acid.

Bottle kindly provided by Rico Picante

This is a good rich sauce with lots of depth to the flavour coming from the chillies, at just £3.50 a bottle, you are getting a lot of chillies for your money and ones that we don’t tend to see in chillies sauces in the UK, I loved the tingle this one gives me and the hint of mustard but this as the next sauce in my lunch time sandwich, or if I can find it the pork pie I have hidden in the fridge.

You can order this on line at www.ricopicante.co.uk where you can even get a discount on multi-bottle orders, so whey not buy the range and taste them along with us, we always welcome your comments.


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