Cajohn’s Oaxacan Review

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Cajohn's Oaxacan

Cajohn's Oaxacan

Cajohn’s Oaxacan From Cajohn’s comes this distinctive sauce named Oaxacan. The theme of this one is based around the Aztecs the adventurers that discovered the people and their cuisine, and so has some rather less typical ingredients than is normally found in a hot sauce.

The sauce is medium brown in colour and quite thin in texture, making it more suitable as an ingredient rather than condiment. It’s accompanied with a label featuring a stone carving that some would describe as Aztec (if you remember The Crystal Maze you’re along the right lines). It’s a typical 148ml bottle at £4.99 from Hot Headz.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Chile Peppers, Brown Sugar, Garlic, Salt, Onion and Cumin.

Bottle kindly supplied by Hot-Headz

Once the lid is removed there is a very distinctive smell that emanates from the bottle. Although there’s a lot of vinegar, it has a mostly cumin aroma that hides any hint of chilli in the sauce.

Take care pouring it from the bottle, as mentioned above it’s pretty thin and sits precariously on the spoon. Once the sauce hits the tastebuds though, there’s a sensational flavour explosion. The tongue comes alive with spicy, savoury, sweet and bitter experiences, followed by a hint of heat which then disappears to leave a wonderful essence on the tongue.

Cajohns Fiery Foods always seem to come out with some different styles and flavours to their sauces, such as their Bourbon Infused Chipotle Habanero Hot Sauce, and this one again scores points for its unique character. Without doubt this one hits a maximum on taste and it would probably be spoiled if it was any hotter. It’ll make a great stir fry sauce and a definite replacement if you use Chinese five spice in your cooking. One to check out.


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