Lily’s Chillies – Chilli Ketchup

by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on April 4, 2012 · 0 comments

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Lily's Chillies - Chilli Ketchup

Lily's Chillies - Chilli Ketchup

Put your hands up if your feeling saucy! I know I am, but tomato ketchup ain’t going to cut it today. O come on what did you think I meant by feeling saucy? Bangers and mash tonight and I want a sauce of some kind to liven it up. I call upon Lily’s Chillies to fulfil my needs with their Original chilli ketchup. Flavour with fire which has been handmade in Sussex.

Fiery Chilli ketchup is crammed with tomatoes and bursting with flavour….. and a kickass Scotch Bonnet heat

290g bottle with a good old chunky neck so you don’t have all that grief that is associated with another ketchup producer that you have to end up slapping the living daylights out of just for a drop. Or even poking it for ages with a knife to find that suddenly your knife is engulfed with way to much of the red stuff. The Sauce itself looks darker than the conventional ketchups you see, but its clearly visible that there is natural ingredients in this due to its just off smooth texture. This is not a pouring sauce, but a gliding sauce. You have perfect control over this at all times for the perfect amount for your personal taste.

The aroma is sweet and at the same time a very strong tomato smell accompanied by what I can only say seems like a blend of apples and onions which blends superbly. This ketchup draws you in with both appearance and smell.

Ingredients: Tomatoes (Made with 200g per 100g of ketchup), Onions, White Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Scotch Bonnet Chillies (2%), Garlic, Spices, Salt, Black Peppercorns.

The taste, in my own words, mmmmmmmmmm nom nom nom. Spot on. This packs a great punch and the sweetness and tomato gives this ketchup a thumbs up again and again. The sweetness is a mixture from the Scotch bonnet ultimately. This is a beautifully sweet ketchup which is miles better than a normal supermarket version. I have tried plenty of hot ketchups before but this is without a shadow of doubt my favourite. It leaves you with a definite heat but being that it is made with the bonnets has made it so it has kept its flavour. I honestly don’t think this would work if was hotter.

£4.00 a bottle is all good in my eyes. Why pay less for something that is bland and boring when you can get this? Get it in now! Awesome for bbq’s, fry ups etc and of course, bangers and mash.

Until next time guys remember, if it burns going it, it will burn coming out.

To order please speak to Charlotte via email:

(8/10) (Great wide neck bottle)

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