Suffolk Food Hall – Beef & Scotch Bonnet Sausages

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Suffolk Food Hall

Suffolk Food Hall

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I bring to you today the meat of all meats, the sausage to end all sausages. Oh yes, this is ‘The famous Beef Splendour’ from The Suffolk food hall is Situated in the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB next to the River Orwell. The Food Hall is just two miles south of Ipswich and is conveniently located within minutes of the A14 / A12 and has been open since 2007 and has quickly become a centre of excellence for local produce. With its fishmongers, Cheese, homebaked cakes, garden centre, restaurant and of course my favourite area, the Butchers.

I came across this sausage when my folks were on their weekly visits to the food hall and noticed these ‘Chilli sausages’ and knowing they have a crazed chilli head in the family thought these would be right up my street. You can see in the picture that these are not a small sausage. It is 6oz of a taste sensation. After speaking with the team it soon comes to light that this is not made by sticking a few things into a pot and seeing what happens. A lot of care and attention have gone into the preparation of this. Fresh selected ingredients and Beef that is second to none.

Ingredients: Dry Aged Suffolk Beef, Small amount of rusk to hold in the juice and flavour from the fat, Ground and Cracked Black Pepper, Ginger,  Chilli Flakes, Cumin, Tomato Puree, Ugandan Scotch Bonnets, Fresh Coriander Chopped.

Half the meat is minced on a big mince plate and the other half on a standard plate, to give a full on meaty texture whilst allowing the rest of the ingredients to be thoroughly mixed in.

Beef and Scotch Bonnet Sausages

Beef and Scotch Bonnet Sausages

Now the flavour on these is unreal. I was a little dubious about these when I first heard about them as many chilli sausages I have had in the past, to be honest, have not been great. But this ticks all of the right boxes and more. You get a wonderful beefy aroma the second you cut into it followed by a glorious Scotch bonnet nose. The taste is spot on with all of the flavours playing their part giving you a powerful beef and scotch bonnet flavour which stays with you while the pepper, ginger and spices mingle to give a beautiful taste that forces you take have another bite. The heat from the chilli is wonderful even for a non chilli lover as it is not a blow your head off heat. It works perfectly.

Texture is another winner here as yet again, this is not an ordinary sausage. Truly a beefy texture which as you can see from the ingredients, has been aimed for by using two separate mincing plates. Now I ask you, who do you know that puts this much care and attention into making a sausage? Well I can tell you now, this is a first for me. Awesome in every sense of the word.

To pick up some of these culinary delights please visit the team at the Suffolk Food Hall or buy online at You will not be disappointed and at £9.99/kg, you really get your moneys worth. Truly a big eat.

(I have had them come in packs with a chilli in a great presentation)

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