Bacon Hot Sauce

by Marty Greenwell on March 9, 2012 · 1 comment

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Bacon Hot Sauce

Bacon Hot Sauce

From Bacon Hot Sauce comes this rather unique chilli item called, Bacon Hot Sauce. Imported by Hot-Headz, it’s a sauce that purportedly tastes of bacon, whilst at the same time not containing any actual pig produce.

The label is complete with a fire breathing hog, quite comical in appearance and perhaps expressing the jollity of this original sauce. It has a medium brown appearance with some visible flecks of chilli and a fairly thin consistency to it.

Ingredients: Water, Distilled Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper, New Mexico Chilli, Salt, Natural Flavour,Maltodextrin, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Sugar and Xanthan Gum.

Now the part that’s been hovering around with anticipation – just how will this one smell? Well, not quite as bacony as the label would have us convinced. There’s quite a yeasty aroma that almost reminds you of the fabulous pork product, but it’s got a twang of artificiality to it.

On the tongue it has meat-esque flavour, with that yeasty hint behind it. It’s not really the kind of mouth-watering taste you get from lard fried bacon (the greatest way), but there is a hint of it there. It’s a little bit too runny to use as a ketchup substitute, but I think this would work well mixed into something like beans on toast where the sauce has something solid to accompany. Heat wise there’s not that much to it, a tickle from Cayenne’s on the tongue and little else, but given the novelty nature that’s not so surprising.

Coming in at £4.99 in a 148ml bottle it’s middling in value, though Bacon Hot Sauce is certainly a different take on the chilli scene; it’s one of the most unusual around next to Firefood’s Firemite. It’s not particularly hot, and not quite unlike bacon in flavour, but for those looking to entertain something a little more niche and fun, this one is worth considering.

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