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If there’s one food in life that defines comfort food, it has to be the Sausage. These go with anything, on their own, in a roll on bonfire night, with a fry up, in a casserole or my 5 year old son’s favourite meal, being Sausage, mash and peas. So a combination of Chilli and Sausage is the perfect combination!

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Chilli Sausages

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Chilli Sausages

Before the main review, here’s a little potted history on the Sausage and some facts you may not know;

The Humble Sausage has been around for centuries, in fact the ancient Greeks and Romans are well documented having made the first type of “Sausage” by stuffing Intestines inside a stomach and roasting them, and the trend continued as a way of using up the waste from meat, namely the blood, organs and fat.

Luckily the majority of Sausages we buy today have very little in common with their early ancestors!
British Sausages are traditionally made from Pork or Beef mixed with Rusk or breadcrumbs and a variety of other flavourings, herbs and spices, and they seem to be coming back into fashion with butchers having wide ranges of different types. This has, in part been down to the BSE crisis in the 1990’s when there was a lot of concern about low quality meat, this saw producers improving the quality of the ingredients that go into the meaty treat.

Unfortunately there are still a lot of large scale producers who see Sausages as a way to use up what I loosely call meat in the form of MRM or Mechanically Reclaimed Meat. There has been much controversy over this practice of using machines to grind, crush and pulp up the otherwise unpalatable scraps left behind, I dread to think which parts of the animal get used!

Fortunately there are laws which go some way to help the consumer to find the better quality Sausage. When looking for Sausages, price is often the deciding factor when choosing which to buy but a quick look on the ingredients label is always a good idea. The law states that to be called a Pork Sausage, it has to have a minimum meat content of 42% but of that 30% can still be fat and 25% connective tissue. And any MRM cannot be included in the 42%.

So if you just see just the word Sausage or Banger on a label, it may well mean it will have a meat content under 42% in which case you may not want to know what is actually in it!

So on to the review,

When I heard that Chilli Pepper Pete had launched Chilli Sausages, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them, especially as my local butcher has stopped making his strong Chilli Sausages. The two Sausage flavours in question are Dragons Blood, their best selling sauce and Smoked Chipotle and Pear.

These are a joint venture with a Sausage company called The Brighton Sausage Company whose shop is literally 2 minutes from Pete’s Shop. More details can be found at These guys sell a huge range of Sausages in both traditional and the more unusual types.

A few weeks ago I visited Pete’s shop to obtain the meaty goodness. I entered my favourite Brighton shop and made straight for the fridge containing them, as soon as I opened the door I was hit with the aroma of garlic, chilli and spices… one word….amazing… and I hadn’t eaten them yet!

So by the time I had got home I was desperate to try them, the smell was filling the train carriage, but which one first? It had to be Dragons Blood so under the grill they went, the Dragon’s Blood giving them a nice orangey colour. As they started to cook, the room filled with an amazing smell making my taste buds tingle, although I was a little nervous knowing that this Sausage contained a sauce with 6.4m SHU extract in it! Would it completely overpower the whole thing?, well as the smoke alarm had gone off they must be ready!

There were no fancy accompaniments, just a plate and cutlery. Cutting into the Sausage I could immediately see how juicy they were and I have to mention the smell again….double amazing. And the taste is no different, great texture and an immediate hit of heat and the accompanying flavours which are in Dragons Blood. But crucially the Sausage Company have balanced the flavour of such an extreme sauce with the flavours of top quality meat.

So on to the Smoked Chipotle and Pear, these smell just as amazing while cooking and this time the smoke alarm didn’t go off!, they smell fruity which is obviously from the pear and the fruitiness of the Chipotle Smokin’ Devil used in these.

Cutting these bad boys open, I see they are again very juicy; and have great texture too due to the 85% meat content that both Sausages contain. The main differences here is that there is less heat but the smokiness from the Chipotle make these taste like they have come straight off the BBQ. They taste fruity, sweet and smoky which is a great combination.

Ingredients for both: Pork 85% Meat content Free Range GM from the Sussex/Surrey Border using Duroce/Hampshire Breeds, Rusk, E221,E405,E301,E331 and unknown quantity of both Dragons Blood and Chipotle Smokin Devil Chilli Sauce.

Sausages kindly Supplied by ChilliPepperPete

Each pack contains 6 large Sausages and cost around £4.50 depending on individual pack weight.

So all in all, I will buy more of these when I run out, luckily I live very close to Brighton so am able to collect as these are only available from the shop. They are a fantastic addition to the range, hopefully becoming a permanently stocked item. I would love to see a Trinidad Scorpion Sausage or indeed a Moruga.

If you are in Brighton, I would always advise a visit to Pete’s shop but treat yourself to a pack or two whilst there, you won’t regret it!

Dragons Blood (8/10)
Chipotle & Pear (5/10)

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