Trees Can’t Dance – Dan’s Reserve

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Trees Can't Dance - Dan's Reserve

Trees Can't Dance - Dan's Reserve

Gooooooooooood Morning chilli padawanz!! How’s life treating you guys today? Good, good…now I have a cracking new sauce review to share with you all, this time its a sauce from a company I have never reviewed/tasted before, so this is just as special for me, as it *hopefully* is for you! The company that makes todays review sauce is one from wayyyyy up north, in Northumberland, known as “Trees Can’t Dance” and they do attend alot of chilli shows and events throughout the year as that is where I have met them several times but never had the time to sample their sauces and such, what a FOOL i’ve been!!

They started a while back by doing just shows and farmers markets, but then news soon spread of their awesome sauces and they were being picked up by the likes of “Harrods” and “Fortnum & Mason” and even managed to go mainstream and have their sauces stocked in Tesco and Sainsbury! (thats another place I knew I’d seen their distinctive logo before!)

Ingredients: Habanero & Naga chillies (65%), White Wine Vinegar,Water,Garlic,Ginger,Lemon Juice,Spices,Honey,Sugar,Salt.

Review bottle kindly supplied by

Sooooo looking at the fact that this contains 65% chilli, I was understandably apprehensive about tasting “Dan’s reserve”, but I do like Naga more than any other chilli, so for me, this sauce review was a no brainer! The bottle is a little smaller than most but the label is of a very high standard, something you don’t always see, it has a mixture of gold foil, black and red ink to get its point across and if that wasn’t enough TCD also have their logo printed on the security seals in a very high quality of presentation throughout really!

The sauce itself is a nice reddy-orange-brown with seeds and the aforementioned spices suspended within, its chunky without being overly thick..too thick to pour, but too runny do put a heap of it on a spoon, as you will see below….

Welllllll as you can see that sauce took me COMPLETELY by surprise, a nice all natural heat punch, good chinense flavour throughout with a hint of garlic and the burn of both peppers tends to evolve in this sauce, I know that sounds stupid but if you mix a throat burner with a tongue burner you certainly don’t expect to get a roof burn, LOL! Therefore something must happen when these two peppers collide that causes that completely different burn…or there is the chance that my pain receptors are just f***ed!

Whatever the weather, this sauce is a belter, nice amount of heat, nice pure pepper flavour coming through and providing you with what I would say is less of a sauce, and more of a food additive, usefull for adding a nice chinense heat and flavour to any dish, try chucking it in your spag bol, or making burritos with it, I guarentee it will change the flavour! At £5.95 from this isn’t the cheapest sauce around for the size of the bottle BUT the chilli content is alot higher than most sauces too, so it kinda balances out well!

Right, I’m off to eat hot coals, lets see if these sauces really do feel like that! Until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you…always!


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