Dave Dewitt’s Chile Trivia

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This is a book that covers the weird and wonderful world that is the home of the Chillihead. So if you ever need to know:-

Dave Dewitt's Chile Trivia

Dave Dewitt's Chile Trivia

  • That Braulio Ramirez ate 141 Jalapenos in fifteen minutes!
  • How red chile sauce got splattered inside Air Force One?
  • Is Chilli and aphrodisiac?
  • What is a Caribbean Haggis?
  • Why you don’t smoke in a chilli field?

This this book is for you, if you need to have the last word in the chilli info argument, and lets face it which Chilllihead does not what to be the source of all knowledge, then this book could win you a round or two of Chilli Trivial Pursuit (Now there is a new game idea).

It is not the best layout book I have come across but Dave Dewitt and Lois Manno have packed it with all kind of chilli related info, apart from the cover the illustrations and all black and white, but they get the job done.

At just about £9.00 at Amazon, it is a great book to have about, I have enjoyed reading it and even as a so called expert (Thats what my publisher said) I have picked up a few tips and facts that I did not know before.

Note as with all US books you need to read Chile as Chilli.

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