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Since his initial success of in the amateur categories of the Fiery Foods UK awards with ‘The Evil One’ Russell Williams of Grim Reaper Foods has been working hard to expand his range of chilli product. He has turned his hand at producing a range of chilli chocolate bars in white, dark and milk variant each having its own sprinkle of Reaper magic to create a unique tasting product. Given that Russell is a professional chef I was keen to taste one of these bar and Russell kindly supplied me with a sample of ‘Purgatory’, the white chocolate variant.

Grim Reaper Foods - Purgatory

Grim Reaper Foods - Purgatory

The first thing you’ll notice about this product is the packaging: it’s so impressive and just oozes quality. It’s abundantly clear from the attention to detail in the packaging that you’ve got a high quality product in your hands. The glossy finished outer card packaging features a great graphic of the Grim Reaper and is sealed with a bright red ribbon embossed with “Grim Reaper Foods” in silver writing. Untying the ribbon and the opening the outer cover reveals an inner sleeve in which the chocolate is contained. On this sleeve are the graphic for the other chocolates in this trilogy: ‘Black Widow’ – a dark chilli chocolate with lemon oil & geranium and ‘Hell Raiser’ – a milk chilli chocolate with sweet orange clove oil & cinnamon. I particularly like the logo for ‘Black Widow’ which has the grim reaper with a chilli pepper scythe.

As I remove the chocolate bar from the packaging I can see pieces of cocoa nibs interspersed throughout and also can clearly smell the scent of the Bergamot oil. If you’ve ever smelt Earl Grey tea you’ll be familiar with this scent, as Bergamot is a key ingredient in that tea blend. For those who haven’t encountered its scent before however, it’s reminiscent of citrus orange but more subtle in nature.

Ingredients: White Chocolate: Sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole milk powder, Cocoa mass (28%), Emulsifier – Soya lecithin, Natural vanilla; Cocoa nibs, Essential oil of Bergamot, Mixed spices, Naga Jolokia Chilli (0.3%) Suitable for Vegetarians. Gluten Free.

There’s a good crisp clean snap as a break a piece of chocolate when broken and I can clearly see the nibs contained in the chocolate. Initially when tasting the chocolate I get a hit of the Bergamot before the flavour of the white chocolate comes through as it melts. I find white chocolate can sometimes be overly sweet but this is not the case with this bar and it’s just the right side of sweet and creamy. Shortly after I get pleasant warmth at the back of my throat as the hit from the Naga’s takes effect. Purgatory is meant to be a process of temporary punishment and likewise the effect of the Naga chilli powder is temporary and eases shortly after I finish the piece of chocolate, but it soon builds again as I try another piece. This time I also begin to get hints of nutmeg as well as the cocoa powder like flavour from the cocoa nibs (which are pieces of roasted & hulled cocoa bean). Their crunchy nature gives an added element of texture to the body of the chocolate.

I have to admit that, not being a fan of Earl Grey tea, I was somewhat dubious as to whether I would like this chocolate or not. However Russell’s skilful blend of ingredients leads to a really great combination of flavours. The flavours of the bergamot, white chocolate and cocoa nibs are so finely balanced and work beautifully well together. These in combination with the subtle hints of flavour from mixed spices give this chocolate so much depth in taste compared to a simple white chilli chocolate bar and it’s clear to see how it was the Winner of the Best Non Bottled Chilli Product in the Fiery Foods 2011 awards. At around £4 for 100g it’s a must buy for any chilli chocolate fan.

Available from HotHeadz, Scorchio and TheDevilsGarden.


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