Jamonnaise – A Combo of Chilli Jam and Rapeseed Oil Mayo

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Jamonnaise is a combination of Simon Barrett AKA The Chilli Jam Man’s Garlic Chilli Jam, with Adam Palmer of Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil getting together…… 



Simon is a bit of a monster when it comes to chillies, I have watched him take part in a chilli eating and he will not be beaten, his Jams have been a revelation, with lots of others now making Chilli Jams, but his are hard to beat, he has made a niche for himself by dedicating to just making chilli jams, well now he has started to produce new products, but he has not strayed far, all the new product we see are based on the Chilli Jam, this first one we are reviewing is this Jamonnaise.

So enough waffle is it any good. Well on opening the jar the colour could be mildly off putting, but the smell is very tempting, the consistency is nice and thick, ideal for sandwiches (very annoying when the mayo drips out) the taste is much milder than I expected, there is lots of garlic in here and the warmth does not seem to appear for a while, and then it is all at the moment in the back of the throat, this is hard to stop dipping into.

Ingredients: Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil, Garlic Chilli Jam (Sugar, Tomatoes, Red Wine Vinegar, Garlic 16%, Green Chilli Peppers 3%, Balsamic Vinegar, Thai Fish Sauce), Lemon Juice (Contains Sulphites), White White Vinegar, Xanthium Gum.

Jar kindly provided by The Chilli Jam Man

The question on the jar is “What do you Dip?” I think the simple answer is almost everything, this stuff is very very moreish, almost to the point of addiction but I have to be good.. I am being watched and then tea-spoon will soon be taken away if I am not careful and let the others try it.

The Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil, is the new super oil that we can grow here in the UK, it has and excellent flavour and golden colour, in our house it has replaced Olive Oil and I feel more healthy as I know it has half the saturated fat of my old friend Olive Oil. This Rapeseed Oil is cold pressed so retains all the goodness and no nasty chemicals have been used in the processing..  On the Yorkshire Rapeseeds Oil web site you can buy the oil with a number of  added flavours as well as dressings and more normal mayo’s.

Jamonnaise comes in a wide squat 200g, ideal for dipping or spooning and at £3.50 a jar you are getting a bit of a bargain.


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