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Here is a new spice mix, we have not seen before Chermoula, it comes from Moroccan cuisine but there are also version in both Tunisian and Algerian cooking, it is a marinade traditionally used with fish, but also works well with chicken and grill meats

QUAY ingredients - Chermoula

QUAY ingredients - Chermoula

Quay Ingredients is a small family run business, it was started in 2000, you will find their products exclusively in the independent deli’s and farm shops.

This version of Chermoula is a dry spice mix that you can sprinkle on to heat and fish before grilling, it smells strongly of the coriander, and I don’t recommend getting any up your nose, I think I have sneased quite enough for one day. The mixture is a fine powder in which you can see small flecks of the parsley.

Ingredients: Paprika, Cumin, Coriander, Parsley, Chilli, Turmeric, Garlic.

Packet kindly provided by QUAY ingredients

On the back of the packet they recommend you stir it into some olive oil, add a dash of lemon juice,  this tasted so good we tried it just spread on some hot buttered toast, it makes a very aromatic and tasty snack, for the chef…

I then used what was left on some chicken, pasted  a nice thick layer on to a skinless chicken breast (I do miss skin on chicken breasts) and left it for an hour in the fridge to marinate before grilling it, this type of mix is great in the grill with non of that nasty sugar to burn you can cook the meat properly without burning ( Another pet rant about these quick sugar based marinates, a marinate is supposed to take some time to work, else it is a coating!!).

The taste is great, bit of warmth from the chillies and paprika, a real taste of Morocco and very simple to prepare. At just £2.00 for a 75g packet  you should get a few interesting dishes before you need to buy another packet, we liked the minimalist but still sturdy packaging.

You can order on-line at www.quayingredients.co.uk or if you local deli does not stock it tell them to phone Ian Southworth on 01729 840740, I am sure he will be happy to talk to them.


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