The Bath Pig – Spicy Chorizo

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The Bath Pig - British Pork Products

The Bath Pig - British Pork Chorizo

Good morning chilli padawanz!! Today we have one of those rare occasions where I am asked to try a chilli meat product and give my opinion on said product, normally I’d hand this off to another reviewer due to me being pescetarian and usually only eating fish, but in the case of this particular product I have heard so many rave reviews about them that I had to try it myself first hand!

The Bath Pig Spicy Chorizo

The Bath Pig Spicy Chorizo

The product I’m reviewing comes all the way from a company in bath that i have seen at various chilli shows but due to my dietary choices have never really shown much interest in their products…UNTIL NOW! I had spoken to “Becky Hamblin” on facebook who told me all about the company she works for called “The Bath Pig”, it was formed a few years ago by Matthew Chiles and Tim French. The two gentleman in question formed the company out of a mutual passion for food, and decided they wanted to produce a chorizo (and many other future products) from free range british pork! You can read more about their history. Right lets get down to the nitty gritty shall we?

Ingredients: British Pork (70% lean shoulder and 30% belly), Salt, Spices (Smoked Spanish Paprika, Cayenne, Clack Pepper, Ginger), Paprika Extract, Garlic and Herbs (Oregano, Rosemary).

Review sample supplied by Becky Hamblin over at

Well where does one begin with such an interesting product to review? Before we go on I must point out to anyone worried that this review won’t be accurate due to the fact I usually only eat fish, i have been a pescetarian for only 5 years and I am also a qualified chef, so I know good quality meats and foods! Looking at the package I have to say that the chorizo itself is presented inside a nice bright red bag adorned with both the name of the company and the type of chorizo in clear and easy to read text, there are several little symbols pointing out that the product is 100% pork and is also only made using RSPCA approved “Freedom food” which basically means happy, free range piggies, therefore tastier meat! (it gets a massive thumbs up for being as animal friendly as a chorizo company can be!) There is a window on the front, through which i can see the lovely chorizo stick itself, very nice and red, with slightly lighter red pieces inside it, the back is plastered with lots of info, a little history and of course the obligaroty ingredients list, time to tear this open and have a taste!!

Upon opening, a slightly smoky, almost chipotle smell eminates from the bag and as i reach in and take out the chorizo a nice peppery, spicy smell comes too. The chorizo itself is quite weighty, and upon cutting a little off I notice its quite moist, which worries me a little as chorizo I have had in the past has always been a bit dryer, but a quick look at the pack assures me that if you prefer it drier you can just open the pack and leave it for awhile to cure even more! As I place the piece I cut off in my mouth and chew it up, an amazing taste fills my mouth, like a top of the line pork sausage seasoned with the finest herbs and spices, a tiny kick from the cayenne at the end to give this a “spicy” finish, but not a hot one, if that makes sense?

This is most definitely a product that gives traditional spanish chorizo a run for its money, and looking at the fact that these are only £3.25 each (130G) from I would think that the price beats the traditional stuff too.. I’m all for tradition, but when british made chorizo can taste THIS good, I’m more than happy to drop tradition and get with the times! I spread a little dijon mustard on a couple of slices so I know that works beautifully, I must admit, about the only thing that lets this down is the heat level.. if Matt and Tim could come up with a habanero based chorizo that had a nice punch of heat, I reckon they’d be able to satisfy a large amount of the chilli community! I can see this chorizo being used in a wide variety of dishes, from paella to salads and sliced thinly on sandwiches and pizza’s, this particular product is extremely moreish and if I were to ever go back to eating meat full time, this would be in my cupboard on a regular basis!!

Right, until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you, always!!

Value (7/10)
Overall (7/10)

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