Bim’s Kitchen’s African Red Chilli Paste – just buy some

by Patrick Garratt on February 13, 2012 · 1 comment

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Bim's Kitchen - African Red Chilli Paste

Bim's Kitchen - African Red Chilli Paste

Bim’s Kitchen’s is modern, African-inspired cuisine and while I have no idea if the UK company’s succeeded in its mission, it matters not one iota: its African Red Chilli Paste is amazing.

It’s a knockout from the moment you twist the lid. The relish oozes oil, and the spices round off the scotch bonnet bitterness to provide a full odour. The ingredients are fine minced and colour’s a rich red.

In the mouth it’s sensational. Everything’s balanced perfectly. There’s a powerful heat on the back of the throat which fades off quickly. There’s a real familiarity to it, something comforting. It’s stupidly moreish.

Ingredients: Chillis (red cayenne, red scotch bonnet, birdseye) 59%, red peppers, carotino oil, sunflower oil, raspberry leaf water, lemon juice, garlic, salt, caraway seeds, alligator pepper, orange peel, cumin, paprika, coriander, oregano, Ethiopian pepper, mango powder.

Jar kindly provided my Bim’s Kitchen

There’s no hint of anything artificial in here, and this is a great example of how complex flavours can lend versatility. You can use it on the side with pretty much anything  mashed potatoes, meat, fish, whatever and mixed into casseroles it’ll give you instant curry. The jar suggests diluting it with creme fraiche or yoghurt as a dip.

Which I’m sure would work brilliantly. Unfortunately, I have none left: it comes in a 100g jar, which didn’t last two of us very long at all. At £4 a shot it’s not cheap, but given the standard of the sauce itself I have to urge you to buy this. The value issue aside, it’s difficult to find fault here.


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