The Results – Moruga Scorpion – Is it the new Hottest Chilli Pepper?

by Hot Juan on February 9, 2012 · 1 comment

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So the latest super hot chilli pepper, the Moruga Scorpion,  has created a storm over how we should read the Scoville Units rating, and all because there was more information provided that we normally get.

High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC system)

High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC system)

Most test results we get to see here at the ChileFoundry are from a single test of a number of products provided to a University Lab using the HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography or High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography).

The test results from New Mexico State University provided 3 results, a High, Mean and Low Scoville Units, which would seem to be very sensible information.

Notes with the data showed that two individual plants for the Moruga Scorpion exceeded the 2 million Scoville, and where the first chilli to do so.

Variety Mean Heat High Heat Low Heat
Moruga Scorpion 1,207,764 (SHU) 2,009,231 (SHU) 580,198 (SHU)
Chocolate 7-pot 1,169,058 (SHU) 1,853,936 (SHU) 923,589 (SHU)
7-pot 1,066,882 (SHU) 1,291,800 (SHU) 727,680 (SHU)
Trinidad Scorpion 1,029,271 (SHU) 1,392,452 (SHU) 801,180 (SHU)
Bhut Jolokia 1,019,687 (SHU) 1,578,548 (SHU) 279,315 (SHU)

While the mean and the low heat rating provide interesting reading, I don’t see how the 2 million Scoville rating here is any different from the rating we have seen before for other Super Hot chillies when only one test result is provided.

Do you think we should try to provide this information for all the varieties of Chilli Pepper where ever possible?

These numbers may change over time as more results are collected, who is going to keep a record of them?

For my point of view, I have ordered some seed, I am very please to have a go at growing some 2 Million SHU pods, but I won’t disappointed if they don’t get that hot, it is a natural product, there will be variation..

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