The Ultimate Valentines Gift for Chilli Lovers – Heart Throb Limited Edition

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Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than chocolates and flowers and maybe the odd diamond thrown in for your loved one. Or at least that used to be the case. There is a new must have for all you romantics and chilli heads out there, and it comes in a style that is more attractive than any diamond you will ever see.

Limited Edition - Heart Throb 1/200

Limited Edition - Heart Throb 1/200

Thanks to Ged at The Chilli Pepper Company and his sauce ‘Heart Throb’ which is now being brought out in limited edition form of 200 bottles. I expect many of you have heard of this sauce as the original sauce has been reviewed by Darth Naga. But Ged being Ged wants to ramps things up a little. The hotter the sauce for a chilli head, the more it shows you love them. Cramming more and more chilli into the bottle to elevate the heat but keep the original flavour was the mission. Lets see if its ticked all the right boxes and win the heart of all you hopeless romantics.

The bottle is a 40ml bottle and no matter how many pictures you see will never do it justice. Stunning red heart shape with flip top re-sealable cap held down by gold, silver and red wax. This gives off a medieval touch and makes this attractive to anyone. Even if you don’t like chilli then you can still pop this on your mantle place as an amazing show piece. Even the ingredient label is tasteful, blending into the bottle and tightly secured by the wax.

Ingredients: Trinidad Scorpion and Naga chilli, Tomatoes, Vinegar, Spice, Chilli flavour.

Bottle kindly provided by The Chilli Pepper Company

Nice plan and simple. Again can I please just highlight that this is meant to be hotter than the original. I have been told that more Trinidad scorpion, Naga and Chilli flavour have gone into this bottle than the previous, making it nearly………………. TWICE AS HOT!!! Think you need professional help Ged! Twice as hot? Are you mad? I have just had to Watch Dath Naga’s video again to see what I’m letting myself in for. Sweating just thinking about this.

Seems a shame to open this up but it has to be done. That’s the seal cracked and there it is! Naga! Sweet sweet Naga and hint of tomato. The sauce does not have an overpowering smell which is great. It doesn’t scream out like an insane hot sauce does. Seems more like a love potion than a hot sauce. Keen to taste this now, so here we go.

Straight away this sauce does not mess. Instant heat that swamps the whole of the mouth and an intense burn through and through. Lovely flavour which is both slightly sweet and fruity, with an awesome kick to it. My eyes are streaming and I am hiccupping for Britain. Struggling to talk through the hiccups and the burn. You gotta love this burn though. This sauce will truly give a valentines message to your loved one. Or maybe you’d just love it for your partner to shut up for five minutes? If that’s the case then shove a spoonfuls worth of this down their throat and let them enjoy the sauce and you enjoy the silence. Its win win. The blend of heat and flavour is precise and perfectly balanced. Without a shadow of a doubt one of my top 10 favourites for a hot sauce. Ridiculous amounts of heat and in stunning bottle.

I am going to have to go back to Ged as it says on his site that the bottle is £6 for 40ml. Has to be a typo as that is stupidly cheap for this. O but wait, its not a typo. Just his insanity kicking in again. Must be in it for the love and not the money.

Well that’s that. I’m in love with this sauce so if you don’t mind I would like to be left alone with it now. So until next time my chilliheads, if it burns going in, it will burn coming out.

‘O my sweet heart throb chilli sauce how I love you’ OI WHAT YOU DOING STILL HERE? STOP READING AND LEAVE ME AND THE SAUCE ALONE GRRRR

(11/10) (Amazing)

This this space, we are giving away bottle 1/200 as a special gift
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