Bims Kitchen – Sweet Baobab Hot Sauce Review

by Marty Greenwell on February 2, 2012 · 1 comment

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Bim's Kitchen Sweet Baobab Hot Sauce

Bim's Kitchen Sweet Baobab Hot Sauce

Bim’s Kitchen has some very unique products in their range and they’re not a producer who’s afraid of being adventurous in their ingredient list. Influenced by African inspired cuisine, this new bottle, Sweet Baobab Hot Sauce, introduces us to the delights of the Baobab fruit.

This exotic African fruit grows on long stems that hang down from the mother tree, and is used along with its leaves to cure fevers and other illnesses; it’s also very rich with vitamin C. Now I’m not saying it’ll cure your woes, but it can’t hurt giving it a go. All that really needs to be known is it tastes fabulous, and gives this sauce a delicious flavour.

It’s visually exciting too; light brown in colour, filled will lots of flecks of fruit, giving a speckled red, green and black look to it. It’s easy to pour from the bottle, but avoids being too thin, so helping to prevent the spoon-spillage accidents.

With the bottle opened there’s a sweet aroma from the product, quite unlike anything I’ve experienced before in a sauce, presumably from the Boabab. There’s perhaps a hint at pineapple in it, but you’d be hard pressed to say for sure if tasting blind. Whatever complex mix it’s made up of, it’s very pleasant indeed on the nose.

There is a fair number of ingredients listed on the mostly plain bottle label – it tells the consumer just enough about the sauce, with a full ingredient list that includes:

Ingredients: Water, Sweet Red Peppers, Pineapple Juice, Demarara Sugar, Baobab Pulp 6.5%, Onion, Tomato Puree, White Vinegar, Smoked Cayenne Chillies, Birdseye Chillies, Cayenne, Tamari Soy Sauce, Molasses Sugar, Garlic Powder, Pomegranate Seeds, Ground Ginger, Salt, Caraway Seeds, Ethiopian Pepper, Parsley, Tamarind Concentrate, Mint and Cloves.

Bottle kindly provided by Bims Kitchen

That’s a pretty eclectic mix and makes picking out and individual flavours quite difficult. The taste is similar to the aroma, without any singular component over-powering it. There’s a sweetness on the tongue that lingers for a while until the chilli heat arrives, It’s a slow and mild burn that adds a little bit of pleasure to the tang. This is not a particularly hot sauce but it does have a unique and delicate flavour to it and one that will work well with chicken where it won’t be overwhelmed.

Bim’s Kitchen Sweet Boabab Hot Sauce is definitely a unique experience, but it’s a mild one. With that though it makes it a everyday usable sauce on anything that works with a sweeter
accompaniment. Like many of Bim’s products, you’re unlikely to find anything remotely similar, and for that reason alone it’s a product worth checking out; but with the fabulous flavour experience, this £4 100ml bottle won’t last you very long at all.

It’s not one for the heat fiend, but for those who like a sweetness to their sauces, it’s definitely worth a look.


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