Sweet Heat – Fire Foods’ Fire Jam reviewed

by Patrick Garratt on January 30, 2012 · 0 comments

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Fire Foods Chilli Jam

Fire Foods Chilli Jam

My mother-in-law ate some of this experimentally and nearly melted, dubbing us “bloody mental” for having it in the fridge. Fire Foods’ Fire Jam is worth getting if only to scare old people.

It’s more of a jelly than a jam, with a thick, hard consistency. This is no bad thing; it spreads easily on toast, and thanks to its physical nature you can cover the surface of whatever it is you’re seeking to enheaten with a small amount. There are no lumps in it at all.

The jar reckons it’s great with toast, bagels, croissants, cheese and cold meat; I can’t argue with that. It’s 175ml for £3.50. Fire Jam’s really sweet, and the ingredients have been kept simple:

Ingredients: Apple, Sugar, Pectin, Chilli Extract and Cinnamon.

Jar kindly supplied by Fire Foods

My biggest problem with it is that it has a sense of artificiality. There’s a stringent note to its odour. It tastes mega-appley and it has a well above-average heat level, but I feel I’d be scoring higher if the freshness of the fruit had been replicated with chillis as opposed to extract. Nice lumps of pepper and a natural heat would have lifted the entire concept.

But. It’s tasty; we’ve eaten it all; and it greatly distressed my mother-in-law. All reasons to definitely give this a shot.


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