Chilliqueen Ginger & Lime Chilli Jelly

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Chilliqueen Ginger & Line Chilli Jelly

Chilliqueen Ginger & Line Chilli Jelly

One of the things I love about the British chilli market is how the traditional approach to creating chilli products (making sauces) has evolved to embrace traditional British cuisine practices such as pickles, chutney and jams. There’s a plethora of such products on the market now and one of the longer established brands that have been make chilli condiments for many year (and won several Great Taste Awards) is the Chilliqueen.

The Chilli Queen herself, Lee Everett Alkin (former wife of Kenny Everett, who gave her the ‘Chilli Queen’ moniker) is based near Reading and started developing her products after tasting some chilli jellies during a visit to USA.

Branding & imagery on the jar is uncomplicated, with the Chilliqueen logo on the front of the jar and an illustrative image of some root ginger and lime below the logo. Don’t ask me why but this simplistic approach with a pastel background colour, invokes a feeling of homely, rustic product. With this product being the recipient of a ‘Great Taste Gold’ award in 2007, I knew this was going to be rather tasty and so keenly opened the jar to find out just how good.

Twisting the jar lid open and looking in I can see the contents of the jar are a golden orange colour. This jelly uses the original Chilliqueen chilli jelly recipe as a base with some added zing from the ginger, lime juice & lime zest. Inhaling the contents I initially get a hit of the rice wine vinegar followed by a wonderful smell from the ginger and chillies with some light tones of zesty lime underneath. I’m immediately reminded of a classic scent from Thai cuisine which isn’t at all surprising given that ginger, lime and chillies are classic Thai ingredients.

Ingredients: Unrefined Sugar, Rice Wine Vinegar, Water, Fresh Peppers, Root Ginger (1.25%), Scotch Bonnet Chillies (0.94%), Concentrated Lime Juice (0.25%), Gelling Agent (Fruit Pectin). Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.

Jar kindly provided by Chilliqueen

So you may be asking what’s the difference between a Jelly and a Jam? Well both start off from a similar base, being made from fruit mixed with sugar and pectin (a natural occurring fibre found in many fruits, which forms a gel when heated with sugar in water). However the difference between them comes in the form that the fruit takes: in a jelly, the fruit comes in the form of fruit juice strained from the fruit, whilst in a jam this would usually be crushed or pulped fruit and juice. Where larger chunks or whole fruits are used in preparation the end product would generally be referred to as a preserve.

So let’s get back to the product review after that brief cookery lesson…

Tasting the jelly is a delight. As the jelly tickles my taste buds there’s the initial sweetness from sugar, and then the refreshing flavours of the ginger and lime come through. The addition small pieces of lime zest give the jelly a nice texture too. Just as these flavours begin to fade, the warmth from chilli is felt. With a low percentage of Scotch Bonnet chillies used in the jelly, it’s by no means a big hit but I can begin to feel a residual tingle in my mouth after having several more spoonfuls of the jelly.

The serving suggestion on the label says it works well as a dip with prawns or crab & Thai fish cakes. Given the apparent Thai themed ingredients in this product I would definitely agree. It could also be mixed in with some plain rice or noodles to add easily add some Thai flavours to them. Of course it also works equally well just being consumed along the more traditional jelly / jam approach: being spread over some toast, muffins or even scones.

With its great taste it’s understandable why this jelly won an award and definitely one well worth buying and trying.

Available from the Chilliqueen’s website for £3.50


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