Street Food from Kolkata (Capital of West Bengal, Indian)

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A very off looking parcel arrived in the post a few days ago from ChilliPepperPete, this was not his normal bottle of sauce or pack of amazing dried chillies, this was something completely different..

Odd looking package from ChilliPepperPete

Odd looking package from ChilliPepperPete

Kolkata or Calcutta as we probably better know it is the capital of  the Indian sate of West Bengal, with a population of over 14 million, it  was the capital of India until 1911. With 14million people to feed there is a thriving street food culture and in this package is a small book and DVD put together by Angus Denoon with the assistance of Sunil Misro.

Street Food Kolkata

Street Food Kolkata

The book is not a recipes book but a guide to the street food available, it covers the basic ingredients and this then split into the three main meals of the day:-

Morningside –  Staring with Chai  tea made with buffalo milk, tea flakes, ginger, cardamom and Sugar, it then covers the other delights of the local breakfast cuisine including  Chholar Bhatura, Jelabi, Halwa, Chana Sattu, Satti Pani to name but a few, each includes some excellent pictures and a description of the how they are made, not a recipe more of a enticement to taste them.

Lunch Time – What is a for lunch in Kolkata? The guide again includes some mouthwatering descriptions of dishes, I wish I could taste now, with pictures to match, Biryani, Rori, Tumali. Chowmein, Momo stall all get a mention, before we read about Chaat, Phuchka and Hhal Mouri, for a small book this list of delights seems endless with more that I mention in this review before getting on to the range of drinks

Evening Time –  Out comes the Kalto Kebab Rolls and then for the Bengali Sweets and Kulfi an Indian form of ice cream that is  coloured and flavoured with saffron.

The DVD that accompanies the book is in the form of a film lasting just over an hours that takes you through a day in Kalkata vis the street food, the colours are rich and deep, it shows us soft westerners the frenetic life of the street food merchants as they pre pair and describe there wares.

The DVD also includes options to see the traders serving up Lime Pani, Ghugni Chaat, and the equivalent of the Kolkata paper cup  from manufacture to being discarded. In last short section  we seen Angus as a jhal muri wallah working his trade not in Kalkata but more locally in Brighton.

To wet your appetite Angus has a much much shorter version on the web.

You can order this package from the ChilliPepperPete web site and if you want to know more about Angus and his travels, film making and his alternate career as Brightons own jhal muri wallah then visit

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