Celebrate Chinese New Year – Recipe 1 – Szechuan Style Hotpot

by ChilliPepperPete on January 23, 2012 · 0 comments

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Hotpot - (Borrowed image)

Hotpot - (Borrowed image)

ChilliPepperPete has just sent us his recipe for a Szechuan Style Hotpot. Hotpot are available on Amazon, there seem to be two main types, the Mongolian type with 1 bowl and a centre for grilling/bbqing, while the Szechuan Hotpot has a bowl split in half so 1 side has a stock with lots of spices and chillis and the other a nonchillied stock with lots of herbs and onions. If you don’t have a Hotpot you can always use a saucepan and a portable burner or a camping gas burner.

You can put in what you like but the idea is to have it at a rolling boil in the centre of the table and to drop or hold in whatever you have prepared. Its a very leisurely way of eating and theres no rush to finish it. Meals can take all afternoon and evening. The flavours get more intense as the level in the pot drops and more water can be poured in to keep it going.

Suggestions for the stock are chicken bones and bits with a chopped leek and onion, carrot and some herbs boiled for an hour or so until it has reduced to a nice thick stock. Or it can be made with a few stock cubes veggie or meat etc if home made stock is not an option.

Once its drained with all the bits taken out chuck in the spices typically: 1 or 2 whole star anise, 1 or 2 whole nutmeg, various seeds like coriander and cumin with bay leaf, parsley and coriander with 20 facing heaven chillies cut in half with scissors. If you want it hotter add some Naga or Habanero or some Chipotle to make it smokey. Sichuan pepper lightly crushed is a must.

Pour water in to near the top of the pan and bring to a rolling boil. Keep it boiling while you play with it.

You can dip or drop anything you have into the boiling stock. Sliced meats, chicken, vegetables, mushrooms, sausages, noodles, potatoes etc etc. Whatever you have in the fridge really.

This is as much fun as you can have while eating and its very sociable with friends and families.

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