Scorchio’s Pleasure & Pain – Fiery Chilli Jellies

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Scorchio's Fiery Chilli Jellies

Scorchio's Fiery Chilli Jellies

I used to see chilli based sweets on my travels and now they are starting to appear here in the UK, a few weeks ago we had Habanero Gummy Bears, now we have some great looking mini chillies.

Tub of Fiery Chilli Jellies

Tub of Fiery Chilli Jellies

These are nice and chewy proper jelly sweets. After an initial sweet taste, that is soon pushed aside for a bit of chilli burn, while they are not amazingly hot, when you eat one at a time. A handful at a time slowly chewed can get a bit of a burn on..

Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Gelatine, Water, Dextrose, Food Acid, Milk Protein, Acidity regulator, Flavouring (Including Hot Chilli), Coating Agent, Colours.

Tub kindly provided by Scorchio

They came in a 195g tub and are after eating a handful or so, I think I will stick to just one at a time, at £2.99 for a tub for such a specialist sweets they are excellent value. This tub won’t last long, but unlike the bears I don’t think I can get the kids to try them.

You can order then on-line along with a massive range of chilli products at


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