Mr Filbert’s Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil with Chipotle Chillies

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Mr Filbert's Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil with Chipotle Chillies

Mr Filbert's Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil with Chipotle Chillies

Mr Filbert’s extra virgin rapeseed oil is grown and cold pressed in Dorset from a single variety of seed. It is lower in saturated fat compared to olive oil and contains naturally occurring Omegas 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E, so sounds like a good oil to me, the smoked Chillies come from The South Devon Chilli Farm and have been oak smoked, so both the ingredients are local UK products, not many food miles here..

I have seen a lot of infused oils over the past couple of years, we have even make a few our selves, it is not hard thing to do, but it can be messy and making things in small batches can lead to inconsistency, some of my oils are a lot hotter that others.. This oil is never going to be a hot, it starts with the just 1% of Chipotles which are not high up in the heat arena, but this is a gourmet product where the quality of the oil and the added subtle flavour from the Oak smoking of the chillies make all the difference.

A fan as I am of Olive oils, but locally produced rapeseed oil is just fantastic, I know it has not been adulterated is supporting local UK farmers. I have been reading a lot lately about the Olive Oil industry and it seems that it is becoming a  major area for fraud and product adultery, with criminals moving to food fraud instead of drugs and other high tariff offences.

Ingredients: Cold pressed Rapeseed Oil (99%), Smoke Chipotle Chillies (1%).

I love using rapeseed oil at home, it’s yellow colour and nutty taste make it ideal for salad dressing, or just dipping fresh bread in it, but add the smoky Chipotle and this is true gourmet food. Try using it where ever you would use olive oil make, on the Mr Filberts web site they have a recipe that use it in Guacamole, but I have even used it to make a very yellow Mayo that only lasted a few hours before we where scraping the pot..

You can order on-line or find a local stockiest at the Mr Filbert’s web site at


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