Levi Roots – Hot Chilli Beef Pasty

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Levi Roots products have waved between excellent and disappointing (Loved the original sauce and Domino Pizza), so when I saw this in Tesco’s I had to pop it in the basket and give it a try, the Pasty has gone  a long way since starting as a Cornish miners lunch, could this have any chance of being good!

Levi Roots - Hot Chilli Beef Pasty

Levi Roots - Hot Chilli Beef Pasty

The packet is bright in the now very recognisable Levi Roots branding, inside the pasty looked OK and smells mildly of the Reggae Reggae Sauce, as you can see from the photograph it is not badly packed with the filling.  A good Pasty is not just meat, but contains some vegetables,  traditionally it is a complete meal in a pastry case containing, beef, onion, potato and swede, this one is just missing the swede, but otherwise for a mass produced product the texture of the filling is not bad.

If you do get to visit the South West of England and Cornwall in particular, and are lucky enough to get a good pasty, and that is not always certainty, then the Pasty can be truly excellent culinary delight that should not be missed,  nice real pieces of real meat and the veg slow cooked for flavour  but not cooked to a mush, the ingredients must still retain its identity.

While this Pasty is not in the excellent class, it made a very good lunch, the flavour was defiantly of Beef and Reggae Reggae Sauce, you could also taste the potato, but sadly not the added Scotch bonnets, the pastry was a little soggy, but it has been stored in a fridge in a plastic sleeve since cooking and is not fresh from the bakers oven.

Ingredients: Minced Beef (21%), Wheatflour, Vegetable Oil, Potato, Reggae Reggae Sauce (6%), Red Peppers, Water, Onion, Cornflour, Egg,  Beef Stock, Reggae Raggae Seasoning, Salt, Scotch Bonnets Chilli Peppers, Garlic Puree, Black Pepper, Milk, Thyme.

(We have not included the lists of ingredients for the Reggae Reggae Sauce and Reggae Raggae Seasoning that are listed on the packet….)

I have to admit to being quite happy with this Pasty, for a convince food it ticked a lot of the boxes, it was a cheap lunch at just £1.79, it did taste of beef, the Reggae Reggae Sauce flavour is there and while it could always have been hotter, I enjoyed it straight from the packet, I will buy another and give it a bake in the oven, I never like using the microwave on pastry as it makes it go even more soggy.

Note: the picture on the front of the packet, does look a lot better than the contents, and as I nerd, I did notice what looks like a piece of carrot, or could it be that missing swede poking out of the filling..


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