Vadden’s Whizz-bang 8 Hot Chilli Relish

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Vadden’s Whizz-Bang 8 Hot Chilli Relish

Vadden’s Whizz-Bang 8 Hot Chilli Relish

Well to start off I can tell you absolutely nothing about this company I’m afraid. Don’t know where they are based, other products they may do, how much this relish is or even how to contact them editors note: we have not found them . Which I find pretty hard to understand as this relish is a pleaser for all. Label looks as though it’s a home made one which is something I always like, you get so much more of a personal feel for any product this one, almost like it was made especially for you. Roaring fire background with ingredients one side and the usual information saying if you get chilli in your eye you deserve a slap, well not exactly that but you get where I’m coming from. 212ml Jam jar that shows what looks to be a strong tomato and onion blend with shreds of chilli and packed to the brim with seeds. Texture looks just short of chunky, maybe a touch smoother than spreading pickle.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Onions, Blend of fresh and dried chilli peppers (Chipotle, Sarrano, Aji amerillo, Jalapeno, Guajillo, Mesillo, Bhut Jolokia and Ring of fire), Sweet red pepper, Sugar, White wine vinegar, Corriander, Cinnamon.

Jar kindly provide by Vadden’s

Large selection of Chilli’s in here and many of which are not seen all that often in any chilli product. But then you do get some of the regulars making an appearance, Chipotle, Jalapeno and Bhut jolokia. So a wide contrast of flavours and heats in this relish alongside a sweet mix of red pepper, sugar and Cinnamon. Sounds like everything is in this on flavour and heat from A to B and this shows in the aroma too. The heat of the Chillis are keen to make a stand but the second they do the smell of a sweetness takes over and this is repeated again and again. I fancy a taste now.

The flavour of this relish is to die for. The sweetness is beautifully blended into a slightly above mild heat which comes in waves. Slow and steady build up before retreating and building back up and maintaining. Despite having a big daddy like th Bhut Jolokia in this it is surprising as I was expecting a massive punch of heat, not this warm, soft textured spreadable sweet relish. When I say sweet, it is exactly the perfect sweetness for me, and I’m a one sugar in a cuppa tea bloke so I hope that helps you out a bit more. Very keen on learning more about this company so if you work for this company or have any more information please comment below. Be great to know more. This relish would be awesome for dipping and as a sandwich filler but I am sure you can find many many more uses for this, I will without a doubt be splashing this on a bit of anything that’s edible hehe.

As I said above guys I have no idea where this one came from, so please let me know if you know anything. Tasty relish not to be missed.

So until next time Chilliheads remember, if it burns going in, it will burn coming out.


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