The Smokey Upton Dragon

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The Smokey Upton Dragon

The Smokey Upton Dragon

The residents of Bristol I hear tell stories of a not so far off land to the east, where there be Dragons in the hills, the smoke  from these Dragons can be seen billowing gently from behind farms, in  the little hamlet of Upton Cheyney

I guess the traditional Chilli that we smoke is the Jalapeño which becomes the Chipotle, well over the past couple of years I have tasted all sorts of Chillies that have been smoked with all sorts of woods. You may think that we would have a tendency to smoke here in the UK as our weather is not up to drying under the sun.. but this is much more a gourmet thing.

Today’s sauce is from one of the UK best sauce makers, they have made the one sauce I have awarded an 11/10 for  it wonderful savoury flavour, this is a sweet sauce, which are not always my favourite, and people who know me well know I would pick Pineapple off a pizza.. So fingers crossed this is not going to be a one I wish I had not tried.

Ingredients: Pineapple, Sugar, Honey, Onion, Oak Smoked Habanero, Lime, Garlic.

Bottle kindly provided by the dragon keepers of Upton Cheyney

On popping the lid, it does not have the expected sweet smell, but I can detect the Oak smoke and the Lime and Garlic, not what I was expecting, but then Louise (Who I am told is defiantly not the Upton Dragon) is a master in the kitchen. First taste is mildly of sweet Pineapple that followed by the smoked Habaneros, it is sweet but not as sweet as the ingredients make it sound.

While this would make a superb dipping sauce, it works so well as the basis of a salsa adding both heat and flavour, also dripping a little on the last of the sausages rolls is just divine.

The 140ml bottle costs just £4.00, and knowing the smokey flavour comes from Chilli grown and smoked on the farm makes it seem all the better, I must get myself up to the Farm to visit Alex and Louise and see the new smoker in action.

Don’t forget that The Upton Cheyney Chilli Co put one a great Chilli Festival each year, we would not miss it, visit their site for more details and to order on-line.


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