Wing Yip – Sweet Chilli Sauce (Medium)

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Wing Yip - Sweet Chilli Sauce (Medium)

Wing Yip - Sweet Chilli Sauce (Medium)

If you have never been to a Wing Yip Superstore, it is a bit like an Aladdin cave of goodies, with lots of exciting stuff I don’t recognise, lots of cooking equipment, jars of pastes and sauces, fresh and frozen exotic seafoods, it is like play ground for your shopping trolley, unfortunately there is not one close to me here in Somerset, so when I saw this in Tescos we had to give it a try. Having looked on the Wing Yip site I could not find this sauce listed, so it may be a wholesale special for the supermarkets.

I used to buy lots of sweet chilli sauces, some excellent ones from Wing Yip Superstore, but I have spent many years growing and eating more and more interesting sauces, so while some sweet chilli sauces still find house room here, most are just cheap overly sweet rubbish but I still come across the odd winner.

So I am very interested to see what is in the ingredients list. a few things worry me, like the lack of chilli in this sauce at only 1% it could be disappointing, while using plum paste as a base may make this an interesting sauce to use instead of plum sauce in some dishes.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Plum Paste (11.5%)( Plum (68%), water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Salt), Salt, Modified Maize Starch, Red Pepper Power, Thickener: Cellulose Gum, Citric Acid, Chilli Power (1%), concentrated Lemon Juice.

Bottle purchased in Tesco (Dec 2011)

So what is this like.. On opening the bottle the smell is very sweet with a definite plum aroma, it is a very mild sauce 1% is defiantly 1%. It tastes a bit thin to be honest, the plum flavour is not as intense as I expected/hoped, it does however get better the more you have, it is nowhere near as sweet and sticky as a plum sauce, but is far more interesting than some of the cheap sweet chilli sauces.

Compared to that bottle of sweet chilli sauce with the label you cannot read, from a shop who’s name you could not pronounce (That is if you are me) it is much better sauce, but if you have been lucky like me to try what has to be the best Sweet Chilli Sauce from Tree Can’t Dance then it is OK, but a little lacking in depth.

The label design is nice and simple, and priced at £1.69 from Tesco’s for a 150ml bottle I would buy this instead of plum sauce for a change or as dipping sauce for Thai style fish cakes etc, it’s well worth a try. But I think if you can take a trip to a Wing Yip Superstore they have a big selection of different sweet chilli sauces to try.


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