Chilliqueen – Extra Hot Chilli Jelly

by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on December 21, 2011 · 1 comment

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Wibbly wobbly wibbly wobbly! No not Santas belly, but the jar of extra hot chilli jelly I have here from Chilliqueen may do.

Chilliqueen Extra Hot Chilli Jelly

Chilliqueen Extra Hot Chilli Jelly

This is a new one for me as I have not done a review on a jelly product so this is like Christmas coming early.

Chilliqueen are based in Reading and are well known for there selection of condiments and are proud winners of many Great Taste Awards. And the jar I am tasting today looks to be no exception. Nothing fancy about the jar, just a standard 220g jam jar. But the label gives it a delicate kind of homely feel to it. It’s the kind of label you get on locally produced products at country fairs. Simple design, a chilli which looks flaming hot. LOVE IT! Looking through the jar it looks more like honey at a first glance. Dark orange in colour which is very thick and clings to the side of the jar. It really does give the look of honey, and does not wibble and wobble like I was expecting. Lots of chilli can be found inside this thick syrup like jelly. Finely chopped to the slightly under chopped which I am sure will add to a wonderful texture. When I open the jar I can see the chilli stand out a lot more, red orange and green can be seen in this. It looks amazing and the smell is warming and has an ever so slight acid touch to it. Lets take a look in the cook pot.

Ingredients: Unrefined Sugar, Malt vinegar, Water, Fresh Peppers, Scotch Bonnet Chillies (3.7%), Gelling agent fruit pectin.

Jar kindly provided by

Nice and short list, just what I like. And only scotch bonnet chillies named. This straight away tells me that these guys are gunning for a specific flavour instead of chucking huge amounts of any type of chilli in just to give it heat. The malt vinegar is what I am getting in the smell, its not unwelcoming, just noticeable there in the background of sweetness. Lets have a taste.

SWEET JESUS!!! Why have I not reviewed a jelly before, INSANE! The sweetness of this is gorgeous and yet the heat is mild. Flavour?????? Comes by the bucket load. I’m getting orange, touch of lemon/lime and a slight aftertaste of apple. This is basically one fruity mutha of a jelly. This is one of those gently warm you up on the inside sauces for the cold winter nights. The texture is perfect in all ways. The jelly itself which has the feel of a jam and appearance of honey, slowly melts on the tongue only to leave some superb chilli and fresh peppers behind. Everything has gone into this, the seeds and all. None of the pieces are uniform size so every mouthful is different on texture while holding onto a glorious fruit basket of flavour.

I can just see this being used on some meat on the bbq just as much as I can on some toast in the morning for the winter months. A very versatile product and one that will be loved by all. You can pick up a jar of this from for a great price of £3.50. Definitely a jelly fit for a chilliqueen of chilliking.

So until next time chilliheads remember, if it burns going in, it will burn coming out.


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