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Another unusual Chilli variety from ChilliPepperPete, this one is another of their collection of Chinese Chillies. The Guizhou Longhorn is one of the longest chillies we have seen and could rival the Joe’s Long as the world longest chilli. It’s I mild chilli with a thin skin and deep red colour, once rehydrated it has a good flavour reminding me of a mild cayenne/paprika cross.

ChilliPepperPete - Guizhou Longhorn Chilli

ChilliPepperPete - Guizhou Longhorn Chilli

This chilli comes from the province of Guizhou which is one of China’s poorest areas, it is adjacent to  the better know Sichuan Province  in the eastern part of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in southwest China, an area that has yet to make it self know in culinary terms to the west.

Here is a simple but excellent recipe I saw demonstrated by Jenny/John Coupland at the Brighton Chilli Festival, I do recommend you look out their Sichuan , they make the rubbish we get in the supermarkets look very poor in comparison.

Smoky Cabbage Recipe

Heat oil in a wok, until smoking hot, through in the pepers until almost black. Remove the peppers (you have flavoured the oil). Get the oil hot again and break dried chiles into the wok, including the seeds, fry for a while, but do not burn the chiles, toss in the cabbage, add salt straight away and fry for a few minutes. That’s it simple and delicious.

Chilli Pepper Pete does not yet have Guizhou Longhorn Chilli on the web site (December 2011) , but we believe they will have in the new year, but in the meantime you can pick some up if you visit their shop in Brighton.

Update: This now on the ChilliPepperPete Web site click here to jump straight to it.

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