Grim Reaper Foods – The Evil One

by Martin 'Scooby' Arnold on December 16, 2011 · 1 comment

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Grim Reaper Foods - The Evil One

Grim Reaper Foods - The Evil One

‘And so it was, with the sands of time expired, the reaper came for what now was his to collect, however his plans were far more sinister. His instructions were simple, to remain amongst us, to increase heat, and to be known from now and forever as, ‘The evil one’.

Right, I think I’ve just crapped my self already. Reading the brief text on ‘The evil one’, I turn the bottle round to find a pair of evil eyes glaring at me. I have had several products from Russell at Grim Reaper Foods and one thing that stands out every time is the packaging. Wonderful glossy label which, has been thoroughly thought about which is completely faultless. The colours, images and text compliment each other to perfection and are set upon the bottle in such a way that you get a good look at the sauce at the same time. Now the sauce looks evil too, just pouring the sauce side to side in the bottle it does not flow as such, but creeps. Slow and steady in a way that you can imagine the Grim Reaper himself just pacing about in the bottle waiting to be released. Plenty of seeds visible with a dark red to orange shade with what looks like a slight pulpy texture to it.

Ingredients: Capsicums, Scotch bonnet peppers, Onions, Cyder vinegar, Oranges, White wine vinegar, Sugar, Lemons, Carrots, Naga Jolokia peppers, Salt, Garlic, Oleoresin of capsicum, Citric acid.

Nice list of ingredients here, you can see exactly how this sauce got its colour now. One thing that does worry me is that no amounts have been put in. Normally this does not bother me until you see certain ingredients like Naga Jolokia and Oleoresin of capsicum. All I can do is take the jump and give ‘The evil one’ a chance to take me to hell and back. Smell of the sauce is quite rough an rugged. Naga and Scotch bonnet is the most powerful part of its scent, hiding behind it is a slight sweetness also. No extract type aroma coming through but why am I still crapping bricks? See you on the other side…….

Right, straight away my tongue ignites, and when I say ignites, I mean I am swallowing red hot lava. A beautiful sweetness lingers in the background an although this sauce is blisteringly hot, does not lose flavours. Very citrusy with a slight vinegar taste. The Scotch bonnets and Naga stand out proudly but the heat?????? My tongue has taken the main impact of this evil b****rd. Swirling it round my mouth and still it is an incredible sharp stabbing heat on the tongue, as soon as I swallow that’s when my entire mouth decides to join in on the fun. The heat does not focus on a particular area then move to another like many sauces I have tried, but instead engulfs every part of my mouth, tongue, cheeks and throat, I’m surprised my teeth are not on fire. Russell has really made a good sauce here. While not the hottest sauce I have ever had, its definitely got a kick which is just at the right level to keep flavour there. Mega hot burn with a real sweetness and fruity flavour. Would love this to go on a meat dish such as a burger or to spice up a stir fry.

The bottle I have was supplied by based in Hemel Hempstead and is 100mls and costs £4.99. To purchase one then email or go to

So until next time chilliheads remember, if it burns going in, It will burn coming out.


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