ChilliPepperPete’s Fiery Jamaican Chutney

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Since I visited ChilliPepperPete for the first time back in 2005, the business has just keep growing, not only do they have a much expanded website and a new retail shop in Brighton, they also manufacturer a massive range of products and import containers of chillies from around the world.

ChilliPepperPete's Fiery Jamaican Chutney

ChilliPepperPete's Fiery Jamaican Chutney

The product I have from them today has been around for a while, only the label seems to have changed, but when you have a product right, why change. On opening it has that unmistakable Jamaican aroma, of Scotch Bonnets and Allspice.

The chutney is dark brown and nice and thick, this ain’t going to pour from the jar, this needs spooning out, and so it is out with the spoon, this is not like pickle you get in a supermarket, this is almost a  very hot paste with lumps in it.

I think this chutney is not for cheese, there are not many I can think of that would survive being paired with this on a cracker. I think this comes into its own with some nice BBQ chicken, or even spread on the skin as a marinade before cooking, there is nothing that says Chutney has to go with cheese and stuff.

Ingredients: Onion, Tomates, Papaya, Ginger, Dried Fruit, Water, Capsicum, Scotch Bonnets, Vinegar, Herbs, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Salt.

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Reading the description on the web site, Pete recommends it to go with jerk chicken or goat curry and I have to agree, both these dished need strong complementary flavour to work with them.

I like the style of the new ChilliPepperPete labels, with the stylised red head logo on the  green background, they stand out well, it is great to see some consistency, and just to because they can, they break the rules with some interesting specials every so often.

At £3.50 for a 199ml jar, this is in today’s money spot on for value ‘vs’ quality and flavour, you can spend much less in the supermarkets for Jamaican style products but they will leave you greatly disappointed, while this just brings pleasure to the lips.  So take a trip to the Shop in Brighton or shop on-line at


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