Roberts Sauces – Chilli & Garlic Vinaigrette

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Roberts Chilli Garlic Vinaigrette

Roberts Chilli Garlic Vinaigrette

Roberts Sauces is a local manufacturer of sauces, dressings, Mayonnaises and Vinaigrettes here in Somerset, strangely for such a business they have no web site!! We have purchased and used a number of their other products at home, the quality was excellent.

In the bottle the dressing has a tenancy to separate, so needs a good shake before use, it looks not unlike what I have made at home, and on opening it has a mild smell of the Sunflower Oil and Vinegar. The taste is delightful, using cider vinegar makes the dressing less harsh than when using a white vinegar, combine this with the honey and garlic the initial taste is sweet, then the mustard and a slight warmth from the chillies.

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Cider Vinegar, Mustard (Water, Mustard seeds, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Preservative: Sodiumbissulphite), Honey, Garlic (2%), Black Pepper, Chilli.

This is a nice quality product, from a regional manufacturer,  and at only £2.69 a bottle it offers excellent value, I have used it on some freshly cooked pasta as a pasta salad, but probably my favourite was mixing it in with some mashed potatoes.

Its is not hard to make salad dressing like this at home, and normally that is what I would do, but I have to say this one is as good if not better that most of my attempts, I especially like the touch of honey, must add that to my next home made version.

Using a clear overprinted label is a brave move, but this time it has worked out very well, unlike a resent product I photographed from Sainsburys, who colour selection for the print completely lost the plot.

Roberts Sauces
Unit 9, Barrowshill Farm, East Chinnock. BA22 9EY
Phone 01935 863663


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