Darth Naga Video Review of Heart Throb from The Chilli Pepper Co.

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Happy Chrimbo/Hannuka/Xmas/Christmas and whatever the heck else people celebrate/call it during the yuletide season, I know I usually say “I’ve got a cracking review for you all today” but this time I haven’t just got a cracking review, I have what could be the ULTIMATE chrimbo gift for Chilli headz, and whaddya know, it comes from the UK’s answer to Blair, our very own Gerald Fowler of The Chilli Pepper Company!!

Heart Throb from The Chilli Pepper Company

Heart Throb from The Chilli Pepper Company

Gerald has created a one of a kind artisan sauce, for those of you who like your collectors items, wrap your peepers round this, because its a doozy!!

Ingredients: Trinidad Scorpion and Naga Viper Chilli, Tomatoes, Vinegar, Spices, Chilli Flavour.

Review bottles kindly supplied by Ged over at www.chileseeds.co.uk

Okay let me just start this by saying that “Heart Throb” is by no means the hottest sauce the CPC has ever done, oh noooooo that particular badge belongs firmly on the chest of “15 Minute Burn”, but this is by far the sauce that CPC has that covers both heat and flavour in equal measures..so you could say (and I quote) that this is their hottest and tastiest sauce yet..so its the hottest of their tasty sauces!

The packaging is nothing short of fooking legendary, I thought i had seen it all, but this sauce comes in a heart shaped bottle with an oldschool style pop top, the label hanging around its neck from gold thread like a medallion of bragging rights, this one is a definite collectors bottle, its the sort of thing you’d see in a major sauce fans collection for hundreds of dollars…BUT! This is the UK we’re talking about…and its the CPC..so you KNOW its not gonna be THAT expensive..I think at this point I’ll let my video do the talking, to give you an idea of the flavour and heat of this one, take a look at this…

What did I tell you?? Its warm, but its not off the charts..its tasty, but its got a kick like a proverbial mule! But go ahead and do a dessert spoon of it and you WILL regret it, this stuff is best used sparingly, add it to dips and sprinkle on chips, chuck a bit in your chilli or mix it in to a curry..whatever you do with you’ll enjoy it, and thats the main part!

The sauce comes in three varieties and as such, commands three different price tags:

  1. Heart Throb sauce boxed in LTD edition bottle: £5
  2. Heart Throb sauce boxed in LTD edition bottle with wax sealed vial of 1 million shu oleoresin: £10
  3. Heart Throb sauce boxed in LTD edition bottle with wax sealed vial of 15 million shu pure crystal extract (also a collectors item and worth £12 on its own!): £15

If you want my advice, and you know a big hot sauce fan..head on over to www.chileseeds.co.uk and get em the deluxe £15 edition to put on display and the £5 edition for them to actually taste the sauce (because it really does have to be tasted!) and they’ll love you forever, trust me, ANY chilli fan will be happy with this in their collection, in fact I’d be extremely surprised to meet any chilli head who DOESN’T want a bottle of this, then of course I’ll give em a slap so they come to their senses!!

Anyway, happy yule my chile padawanz, and until we next meet, may the sauce be with you…always!!


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