Grim Reaper Foods – Rookie Goblin

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Grim Reaper Foods - Rookie Goblin

Grim Reaper Foods - Rookie Goblin

I had read lots of positive feedback regarding ‘The Evil One’, a great sauce made by Russell Williams who is the owner of “Grim Reaper Foods”. Russell has had great success in the Fiery Foods festival competitions over the past few years in both the Amateur & Professional award categories, so when I received a bottle of ‘Rookie Goblin’ in the post I was very much looking forward to tasting it.

The labelling is very catching with an image of the Grim Reaper along the bottom and an outline of a Goblin at the top. The contents are quite fluid and I can see flecks of seeds amongst the strikingly goblin green coloured sauce. Looking at the list of ingredients I note the use of coriander and baby spinach which explains how it gets its striking colour. I also note the use of orange, which I have to admit has to be one of the more unusual ingredients I’ve come across in a chilli sauce; lemons or limes seem to be the preferred choice when imparting citrus flavours in sauces. However knowing that coriander works well with orange and that Russell is a trained chef, I was expecting to find a great tasting product.

Ingredients: Cyder Vinegar, Jalapenos, Oranges, Sugar, Limes, Spring Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Coriander, Baby Spinach, Salt & Vegetable Oil.

Bottle kindly supplied by Grim Reaper Foods.

Opening the bottle and inhaling, I’m greeted with a rich smell of greens: I can smell the coriander and spinach working together and there’s a hint of the jalapeños. There’s also an aroma of garlic in the base notes but the citrus fruits stop this from being overpowering. Overall it’s a very fresh aroma and a unique one that I’ve never encountered before in a chilli sauce.

The sauce pours very easily from the bottle onto a spoon and I can clearly see jalapeño seeds and flecks of garlic. The coriander & spinach are still somewhat ‘fleshy’ giving some texture to the sauce. Tasting the sauce is just as a stimulating an experience as smelling it. I can clearly taste the coriander & spinach at first, then there’s a wave of citrus orange & sweetness which ultimately gives way to the flavours of the garlic and spring onion. I can begin to feel some burn from the Jalapeno chillies on my lips but it’s a pleasant, mild warmth and nothing alarming.

The ingredients used here make for a really interesting combination. Being a curry fan I’ve encountered plenty of pickles accompanying the customary poppadoms that use coriander as a base ingredient, so in some ways this sauce reminds me of them. However it’s the combination of savoury & sweet elements that give this sauce much more depth and I find its taste very appealing & rather addictive.

I think this sauce is ideally suited to being used with fish (I used some inside the cavity of a Sea Bream I cooked and the taste was superb) but I could also see it working really well if added to a salsa verde or green pesto to give them a little warmth. At £4 for a 100ml bottle this is sauce I definitely recommend trying, not for the heat but for it’s unusual but great taste. It’s available from many chilli stockists such as ChillipepperPete, The Devils Garden, Scorchio and Hotheadz.


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