Panola – 10 Point Buck Sauce

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Panola 10 Point Buck Sauce

Panola 10 Point Buck Sauce

The Panola Pepper Corporation is based in Lake Providence, Louisiana USA . It was started in 1983 by Grady “Bubber” Brown the son Martha Wyly Brown who’s recipe for Louisiana Sauce was used as a way of employing the farm workers over the winter months. This original Panola Gourmet Pepper Sauce was such a success  the business has  now grown to employ 30 people making nearly 100 different products.

Traditional Louisiana Hot Sauce is a mixture of Cayenne Chilli Peppers, Vinegar and Salt, generally these sauces are unthickend, in the UK  we would know such brands as Frank’s RedHot and Tabasco Sauces as being Louisiana Style Hot Sauces.

This sauce is based on the Louisiana Hot Sauce style but has some seasoning’s added as the Panola web site says “It is specially blended for the outdoorsman” and just in case you are wondering what a 10 Point Buck it is a term used to describe a male deer and the 10 points refers to the number of points or tines on his antlers the more points generally the older the deer.

After that lesson, I better crack open the bottle and see what it is like, the initial smell comes from the chillies with a mix of the Cinnamon and All Spice, the sauce is a dark reddy brown colour, a second smell of the sauce reveals a slight aroma of the vinegar.

This sauce is as what I expected, there is a real depth to the flavours, it provides big reminders of  cooking a highly spiced lamb dish a while ago, the more I taste the more I also think of  Jamaican influences with the all-spice and sweetness from the sugar and the warmth from the chillies.

Ingredients: Cayenne and Jalapeno Peppers, Vinegar, Onions, Sugar, Salt, Cinnamon, All Spice & Mustard Flour.

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I can see why they would call this an outdoorsman style of sauce, while it is not hot it packs a punch from the spices, enough to turn the worst outdoors cook in to a chief (I better keep this near the BBQ I can hear you say).

I can just about tell this has Cayenne peppers in it, but with the Jalapenos and the spices it is almost completely lost.

Being that I don’t shoot many ( take that as none) Deer here in Somerset (We don’t seem to be over run with them), I think this sauce would go well here with some roast mutton, the strength of flavour from the Cinnamon and All Spice would compliment a rich strongly flavoured meat.

At only £2.99 a bottle this sauce is excellent value for you money and if you like it spiced up and not overly hot, then give it a go, everyone who I asked to try it where surprised how much they liked it.. You can order this on-line at


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