Peperoncino – Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino

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Peperoncino Aglio Olio e Peperoncino

Peperoncino Aglio Olio e Peperoncino

This is our first review of a products from Peperoncino, they are an Italian Chilli Food business based here in the UK (Stanwick ,Northants), their food comes from southern Italy where the Chilli has become part of the culture.

The company name Peperoncino (pronounced peh-peh-ron-chino) means‘hot little pepper’ in Italian, and the first product we are reviewing is called “Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino” which translates to “Garlic, Oil and Hot Pepper”, which is almost the complete recipe.

Ingredients: Fresh Chillies 57%, Fresh Garlic (17%), Rapeseed Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (5%) & Salt.

Jar kindly provided by Peperoncino

We decided to cook some pasta and stir a few teaspoons of this into the pasta, while we cooked the pasta we opened the jar to smell a wonderful fresh aroma of chillies, garlic and oil, this could have been made moments ago in our own kitchen, the colour was also a very bright red with a few chilli seeds visible in the mix.

While we waited what seemed an age (5 mins) for the pasta we tried a little on a spoon to taste, and while not rocket hot, it gives a good bit of warmth and again tastes just as if it was freshly made, nice garlic flavour and very little  flavour from the vinegar.

When the pasta was ready we stirred in a couple of heaped teaspoons, almost instantly the air was full of a wonderful aroma, so we quickly tucked into the pasta. This is just what the doctor ordered, the chilli again was not overly hot, but it builds nicely, each mouthful quickly followed by another, the smiles getting wider and wider.

I saved a couple of spoonfuls back to try as a pasta salad, and again this did not last long, using this lunch takes just a few moments to pre-pair, on the jar they recommend using this as a topping for bruschetta, again this sounds wonderful.. and there is just enough left in the jar.

Unfortunately we could not find this on the web site at the moment but their jars of Italian inspired products range from £3.25 to £4.95, the site needs a little work on the navigation (who’s is perfect) and there are few pages awaiting some content.

You can order on-line using PayPal, so while it cold here at home a taste of the warm summer in southern Italy is just a click away…


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