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This new addition to Dartmoor Chilli Farm’s (DCF) product range arrives to address the growing needs of those chilliheads who also have a sweet tooth. Now on the whole I’m more of a savoury tooth than sweet tooth but since DCF tweeted that they were to launch a chilli fudge product, I’ve been eager to get my hands on some to try as I’m a fan of their Dragon & Lava white chocolate bar.

Dartmoor Chilli Farm - Chilli Fudge

Dartmoor Chilli Farm - Chilli Fudge

The product is made in partnership with the Sidmouth franchise of “Roly’s Fudge Pantry” using Naga chillies from DCF. For those not in the know (and I was one of them) Roly’s have grown from a single shop in the West Country in 1989, to now having 16 franchise outlets throughout the UK, Ireland & even the USA.

Ingredients: Sugar, Butter, Whole milk, Evaporated Milk, Dextrose, Antioxidant, Dorset Naga chilli powder (1%)

The fudge comes in a clear cellophane bag neatly tied by a small red ribbon, to which the product’s label card is attached. The front of the label, which has the DCF chilli logo, clearly states “Hot Chilli Fudge” and the reverse advises that the product contains 1% Dorset Naga chillies, so I certainly had fair warning that there was going to be a warmth when eating the fudge.

The large chunks of fudge in the bag can clearly be seen through the cellophane packaging and are a rich caramel colour. Untying the ribbon and opening the bag releases a lovely, rich butterscotch and toffee aroma from the fudge. The chunks are quite solid & firm to hold in the hand but yield to a more crumbly texture when sufficient pressure is applied when eating – just how fudge traditionally should be.

Tasting the fudge is a pleasant experience. The fudge begins to melt in the mouth immediately, releasing a rich sweet creamy flavour as it dissolves. Then just as the sugars of the fudge have begun tickling my taste buds, a second or so later the effect of the chillies kicks in and my throat begins to feel the Nagas presence. The Naga powder has also been evenly distributed within the fudge so there is a good steady heat released as the fudge dissolves when eating. Naga’s chillies have a bitter taste but the sweetness of the fudge is such that no such bitterness is encountered. It would be interesting to try an extra hot version of this product with a higher percentage of Naga’s used in order to taste how this balance shifts, but Phil from DCF has assured me that higher amounts of powder used in the test batches of the fudge, made the taste much too bitter.

Certainly Phil & Kay have found a good balance between heat & sweet with the 1% amount of Naga powder used; it’s sufficient to give a pleasant chilli kick without dominating the sweetness of the fudge. Of course consuming more fudge builds up the effect of the Nagas and given how great tasting this fudge is, I have to say it is very hard not to consume most of fudge in the bag in one session!

At £2.75 for a 150g bag the product compares favourably in price to other traditional style fudges, I’ve seen sold in shops. The saving grace with this fudge though is that it comes in a smaller batch quantity compared to many others high quality fudge products – good for the pocket and even better for the waistline given how moreish this product is!

The fudge is currently available from Dartmoor Chilli Farm Website and (for those of you in the Brighton area) Phil has informed me that Chilli Pepper Pete has bought some stock for selling in-store in his Brighton shop. Phil has also advised that Roly’s are working with him to introduce a milder version of a chilli fudge (using DCF chillies) which will be made available through all of Roly’s franchises.


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