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Word up my chilli padawanz, how are you all doing on this crisp autumn day? Its bloody sunny and quite warm here..doesn’t really feel like autumn at all! Sooo where shall I begin with this review? AH YES! I shall start at the beginning of course! The pickle I have for you today comes from the now well known “Sinful Sauces” a company formed by a lovely couple who go by the name of Paul and Kelly, paul you might know as “DJ Brisk” I think he’s a techno DJ or something like that, I would’nt know specifics as us PithLord’s don’t really get out much you see? But that aside it’s not the music we’re here to review its the pickle!! SO lets get down to it.

Sinful Sauces - Scotch Bonnet & Pomegranate

Sinful Sauces - Scotch Bonnet & Pomegranate

Okay, so as you can see, there’s a whole lotta fresh ingedients going on in this pickle, none of that artificial shit here, and quite rightly so, Sinful Sauces (abbreviated to SS from here on in) pride themselves on only using the freshest ingredients and no artificial colourings or flavours, only the best for their customers ya see? Anyway, the jar itself is of SS’s usual high quality gloss finish, with lots of S’s in the background with Sinful’s trademark giant white gothic styled S in the foreground.

Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet Chillies, Pomegranate, Onion, Orange, Red Wine Vinegar, Rapeseed Oil, Spices, Ginger, Garlic.

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The pickle inside is a rich reddy brown, with noticeable chunks of chilli, seeds and flecks of black and white running through. Upon opening the pickle, the first thing that hits me hard is the smell..i was expecting pomegranate and yet I got a massive whiff of orange, like someone had smacked me round the face with a bag of satsumas! I LOVE orange, and it’s not surprising I smelt it the most seeing as the third item on the ingredients list, that aside I could tell there was chilli in this, but the main fragrance was that of oranges!

The pickle inside was of an interesting was chunkyish, but not so much that there were huge chunks of chilli or orange in it…but at the same time it was smooth enough that it would flow out of the jar albeit very, very slowly..but it still poured!! I decided enough was enough of teasing myself with this pickle, I dipped my spoon in and pulled out a rather large glob of this fantastic looking mash, placing it between my lips and moving it around in my mouth to get a fuller taste of it.

Instantly I was hit by the pomegranate and orange flavours, almost too sweet were it not for the savoury, slightly bitter hit provided by the scotch bonnet peppers! I was surprised that the flavours worked together this well..its not very often you find a sauce that starts off sweet and becomes savoury with a very indian restaurant-like aftertaste coupled with an amazing tongue burn that just keeps you coming back for another hit!

It wasn’t until I gave a single solitary hiccup did I notice that sweat was pouring down my brow, at this point I decided to stop eating the pickle and carry on writing this review.

The more I eat this stuff the more I realise that yet again Sinful Sauces have a winning combination on their hands, and yet again its a very moreish pickle that would not be out of place in an indian restaurant, the fruity zing of the orange and pomegranate, coupled with the scotch bonnet heat makes this a pickle that is well worth trying at least once!! I suspect it would be PERFECT mixed with a little sour cream and used as a nice dip for toasted pitta’s cut into strips!

At only £3.95 directly from this is a pickle that will last a while, and considering just how fresh the ingredients are I think its well worth the money, so make sure you get it in ready for your next indian themed meal!

Well, until my next review my chilli padawanz, I will bid you adieu, this old pithlord has gotta get some shut eye! May the sauce be with you, always!!


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