Mr Vikki’s Tomato and Nigella Chutney

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Today I get the pleasure of reviewing a Mr Vikki’s sauce – something I have never done before! Darth Naga, Mrs Naga and Marty seem to steal them all before I get the opportunity, but I successfully got one in the end!

Mr Vikki's Tomato and Nigella Chutney

Mr Vikki's Tomato and Nigella Chutney

My first thought about this product (other than “WOW a Mr Vikki product for ME to review, YAY”) was “WHAT ON EARTH IS NIGELLA?”, of course I now know the answer to this question, so I shall enlighten you! A Nigella plant is related to the Buttercup, and its seeds are found in a similar head to that of a poppy. They are often used in Indian cooking and give off a peppery smell when crushed.

Ingredients: Fresh Tomatoes (65%), Sugar, Vinegar, Fresh Ginger, Peppers, Garlic, Nigella Seeds, Vegetable Oil, Spices, Mustard, Salt.

Jar kindly provide by Mr Vikki’s

With that hurdle out of the way I decided it was about time to begin. I cracked open the jar – it gave me that satisfying pop a fresh jar of chutney gives – and before I even took the lid off the jar I was swamped with the smell of fresh tomato, not surprising seen as it is the first ingredient. The tomato smell immediately hit me and invited me in. Opening the jar, I could also smell the garlic and the Nigella seeds peppery scent.

I decided I could wait no longer, and tucked in. As with the smell, the tomato hit me immediately, consuming my senses. As the tomato started to fade the garlic and fresh ginger creeped in over the top, finally a burst of peppery nigella seeds and mustard hit me with a mild smack on the middle of my tongue. What more could you want?

There are so many ways you could enjoy this chutney! On cheese on toast, in a sandwich, with cold meats, as a dip, with a curry, straight out the jar, on crackers with cheese, mixed in with mashed potato, with chips instead of ketchup! The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!

The packaging is minimal, but it allows you to see what your buying it all its glory, and still gives you all the key information! It comes in 250g jar, available from Mr Vikki’s website for £3, which in my opinion is brilliant value for a chutney with so many uses! With christmas coming up this would make a brilliant stocking filler, secret santa gift, or part of a hamper – thats if you manage not to eat it yourself, maybe you should buy two!


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