Trees Can’t Dance – Sweet Chilli Sauce

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Trees Cant's Dance Sweet Chilli Sauce

Trees Cant's Dance Sweet Chilli Sauce

Unusually this sauce had been opened before it got to us for photography, and the reason for that is simple, this bottle was the sample bottle  used by the judges at the National Chilli Awards in Brighton this year and this sauce won the “Best Chilli Jam / Sweet Chilli Sauce” category.

We I know before I start that my fellow chilli-headz think this a dam good sauce, and I did taste it at the event a number of times, but how we are back in the office and does this sauce really live up to winning first place.

On opening the bottle, the richness of the sauce hits you, this does not smell like overly sweet sugar sauce with a bit of chilli in it, I can smell the peppers, lemons, limes and garlic, it is sweet smelling but not sickly sweet smelling.

The taste is again rich with the sweet peppers, it is sweet, it is meant to be  it is a sweet chilli sauce, but it is the flavours I am enjoying, and is is still sticky enough, ideal for dipping those spring rolls or Thai fish cakes in, but there is far more to it that just sweet heat.

Ingredients: Sweet Red Peppers (43%), Sugar, Vinegar, Water, Ginger (1%), Lime Juice (<1%), Habanero Chilli (<1%), Lemon Juice, Fennel Seeds, Lemon Zest, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Garlic (<1%), Salt.

The more I eat of this sauce the more I can identify the ingredients, they are working so well in this recipe it is hard not miss some of the subtleties they bring to the sauce, but they are all there.

The Best Sweet Chilli Sauce I have Tasted?

Is this the best Sweet Chilli Sauce I have tasted (my own recipe excluded, well that is still a work in progress)? I have to say probably yes I don’t think I have tested a better one and certainly this one wipes the floor with that cheap nasty sauce I am so often offered at restaurants.

The sauce is nut free and gluten free and costs a just £3.00 for a 270g bottle, you can order this on-line at


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