Vivien Lloyd’s First Preserves (A master class in preserving)

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Vivien Lloyd's First Preserves

Vivien Lloyd's First Preserves

It has been a while since we did a book review, but this book as arrived at ChileFoundry HQ and it has bowled us over, if you are into making preserves at home this is the first book you should buy.

In the 1980’s Vivien Lloyd taught herself to make preserves, she is now a well know and respected maker who runs here own courses and has even produced a DVD. I reviewed her Tomato and Chilli Chutney a long time ago, and we have corresponded a few times since then, I  finally got to meet Vivian at Chutfest 2011 at Barrington Court, she was judging the Chutney competition and showing her new book First Preserves.

The book provides a great basis for understanding the process and problems of preserving, what equipment you will need before embarking on recipes, everybody can learn from this book it is a master class in how to keep people hooked, the writing is easy to follow with excellent photographic illustrations of each process, so you will know exactly what to expect when you start.

Beautiful Illustrations

Beautiful Illustrations

The book is divided into three main sections covering marmalade, jams and chutney, each provides a definition, basic introduction and a little history to get you started, you are then introduced to the ingredients and the processes involved,  making is easy to then understand the recipes provided.

For the competitive amongst us, there is also a guide to entering competitions, having been a judge, Vivian can explain what they are looking for and what they are not. Nearing the end of the book is a seasonal guide to what is best throughout the year as well as a list very useful of suppliers.

Well if this review should have convinced you that the  £17.99 purchase price will be paid back many times, so go and  purchase this book NOW, here is the link to order direct from Viviens Web site.

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