The Chilli Garden – Thai-Basque Sauce

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The Chilli Garden Thai-Basque Sauce

The Chilli Garden Thai-Basque Sauce

The Chilli Garden is a small family run business in  Healey Hampshire, all the chillies in their sauces are grown on the farm, and they use some interesting traditional methods of production, this sauces is fermented for over 24 months before being bottled, something not many small producers can afford to do (I will let you think about one major american sauce producer who makes sauces in this way?).

The Basque part of the sauce comes from the Basque Gorria Chilli which has a Scoville Rating between 2,000 and 5,000 SHU’s, when ripe it is a vibrant red colour. This is not a pepper you often seen grown in the UK and as far as we know The Chilli Garden are the only artisan sauces maker growing and using them.

The Thai Dragon in this sauce is providing the heat and at between 75,000 and 250,000 SHU’s, this is a hot chilli, they are commonly found in Asian dishes, and a healthy plant will produce around 200  chillies about 6cm long and 1cm wide tapering to a point (one of my favourites to grow).

The sauce is a light red almost orange colour, with some very small flex of red chilli skin being visible,even without any thickeners of gums this sauces need no shaking, it is a wonderful consistency. On Opening the bottle I can smell the Vinegar and salt, it is not at all overpowering.

Ingredients: Thai & Basque Chillies (21%), Distilled Vinegar (77%), Sea Salt (2%).

Bottle kindly provided by The Chilli Garden

My only reservation with this sauce is the bottle top, it has one of those plastic pouring thingamajigs that always gets in the way, l do hate them… but once that has been removed, this is a very enjoyable sauce, it is a definite savoury sauce, a nice hit of heat ( we are not in the super hots) and flavour all carried by a salty vinegar liquid.

The recipe may seem simple only three ingredients Chillies, Vinegar and Salt, but the execution is excellent, well worth the 24 plus months wait.

This stuff is a bit like a Tabasco on steroids ideal for dipping your chips in, or making the heavenly Bloody Mary  at only £3.00 for a 150ml bottle this is amazing value for money, highly recommended.


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